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Your Body's Electromagnetic Field

The cells inside your body dance (seriously), and the rhythm that they sway their beings along to totally depends on the signals you send them via the brain. According to Mr. Deepak Chopra, “emotions generate a very coherent electromagnetic field...[that] is broadcast to the rest of your body". When we think creatively, feel inner peace, or are totally head over heels in love, our cells don't only dance, but they throw themselves fully into the music, get lost, hold hands with one another, and even sing! This behavior causes a ripple effect throughout the body, so that all cells join in on such vibration, and an electromagnetic field of energy is created, oozing from every ounce of the body.

This "broadcasting" that occurs on a second-to-second basis, is something that all humans and all animals do and something that all humans and all animals can pick up on. This is how we perceive one another upon initial contact, how we can feel one another's energies the second you walk into a room, and, most importantly, how we can connect. This is also how we attract things - both positive and negative - into our lives.

All from the way we choose to perceive things, the feelings we choose to focus on, and the thoughts we choose to think. What message are you broadcasting the world? You are in control of so much of your destiny, Sakaralite - everything from the way you impact other people to the things, people, and experiences you bring into your world. Be conscious of your thoughts and start playing that sweet, sweet music for your cells to groove to. The result will be well worth every ounce of booty shaking.

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