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(RECIPE) Green Goddess Kale Cocktail


•4 oz. tequila (or any spirit you prefer)

•1 oz. ginger juice

•1/2 cup pineapple juice

•1/2 cup kale juice

•1/2 lime

• ice (for shaking)

•frozen pomegranate seeds (for garnish)

In a cocktail shaker combine the ice, tequila, ginger juice, pineapple juice, kale juice, and lime. Shake until all ingredients are mixed together and drink is chilled from the ice.

Strain and pour in your favorite glass, top with frozen pomegranate seeds and an extra squeeze of lime, and get ready to walk down that red carpet!

*This Green Goddess Kale Cocktail is BEST enjoyed with some of our Sakara Superfood Popcorn...

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