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Take hold of your internal energy

Your relationships, career, and health are all directly correlated to one thing: your energy.

Succeeding at work, sustaining meaningful relationships, and committing to a healthy mind, body, and spirit all require a strong and sustainable level of energy that can adequately fuel these initiatives. Without it, we struggle daily, continuously have to make sacrifices, jump from sickness to sickness, and find ourselves leading a life that falls short of its true potential. Your energy is your key to health and happiness.

There are 2 types of low energy you can fall victim to: low energy and blocked energy. Low energy is a result of dissipating the energy you have, or not renewing it correctly. This can come from shallow breathing, inadequate deep sleep, poor diet, negative attitudes, draining relationships, or a disconnect from your spiritual purpose. Blocked energy, on the other hand, is energy that is present, but not flowing correctly. This often leads to feelings of suppression, tension, restlessness, and even agitation.

Not to worry, Sakaralites! There are many different ways to rev up your energy levels and get you back to feeling you absolute most vibrant, healthy, and sexy self! And we're here to help. We've gathered a handful of our favorite solutions to recharge your system rejuvenate your life, and reinvigorate your soul.

Read on for our Top 10 Tips for a lighter, brighter, and happier you.

  1. First and foremost, tackle the building blocks of your body: your diet. Eating an array of freshly cooked organic food can help remove many cases of low energy. Ghee, almonds, spices that promote digestive fire (ginger, cardamom, basil), herbs that move the energy pathways (calamus, myrrh, turmeric), hydrating fruits, and dark leafy greens are all energy-filled ingredients. Foods that are ALIVE and have been grown, cooked, and transported with love will guide you on your way to pure energy.
  2. Meditation, silence, and peace of mind all help to increase mental energy. Here is a great practice for walking meditation. Movement has the power to strengthen our awareness and cultivate mindfulness.
  3. Physical exercise will help clear any blockages occurring in your body, in addition to fueling you with external energetic sources. The way in which you move, sweat, and CHALLENGE your body does not matter, but the more inspired you are by the practice, the more it will increase your energy.
  4. Take note of your association with others; this is an important one. The people you interact with every day – in person, on the phone, via email – will either fuel your energetic presence or drain it. Seek those that are dedicated to what you think is truly valuable, and hold onto those who project a positive, loving energy to the world.
  5. Tap into your internal source of inspiration. What is your true passion, purpose, and spiritual aspiration? This form of creative mental activity is essential to sustaining adequate energy levels.
  6. Various aromatic oils help with the flow of stuck energy. Camphor and eucalyptus are best. To begin, mix with coconut oil and use as a lotion after the shower, or sprinkle a few drops in your soap, laundry detergent, or air sprays. It can also be rubbed directly on your temples.
  7. Deep sleep is your natural form of meditation. Make sure the space you are sleeping in has positive energy, and that it isn’t tied to any emotional history. Some say lighting sage has the power to clear any negativity that may be lingering. Your room should be filled with nothing but loving and nourishing vibes.
  8. Shallow or hurried respiration decreases energy on a daily basis, Check out these breathing practices to quiet your mind and connect to your inner self.
  9. Repeat this mantra every morning: All the positive energies of the universe are flowing through me
  10. LOVE itself is the highest and most nourishing form of life energy. Fill your body and mind with love, and make sure to share it with others.

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