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How I feel GOOD in my Body

Body image is hard. It’s complex. It impacts me on a subconscious level on a daily basis.  It is rooted deep within me, grasping on tightly with little intention of willingly letting go any time soon. Here are a few of my go-tos to really kick-up the self-love in my life and remind myself how to feel GOOD in my body:

I appreciate all that my body can do. My body is AMAZING. It is in charge of thousands of chemical processes occurring in each cell every second, of distributing oxygen and nutrients to vital organs, and of identifying and eliminating harmful toxins that I am exposed to on a daily basis. My body is strong. It can move, push, lift, twirl, and stretch in the most incredible ways. It is my vehicle to take me where I want to go, connect me with others, and help me make my dreams come true.

I do not judge others on how they look, but who they are. I go on a serious cleansing of thoughts such as wow she has a rockin bod, her hair is gorgeous, awesome outfit! and, instead, value them for their intelligence, strength, compassion, light and the beautiful beautiful energy they bring.

I do not judge myself on how I look, but who I am. By changing the way I see others, the way I see myself changes. Out the window go comments on how I look physically and what that means about how good I am. I flood my attention with thoughts on who I am as a woman, friend, daughter, lover, and spirit. Yes, my body is beautiful…but it does not make me beautiful.

I treat myself to something that feels utterly delicious. I take the time to honor my body for all that it does for me on a daily basis and indulge it in a little spoiling - a restorative yoga class, a Thai message, a long bath complete with tea candles, essential oils, and a glass of wine. I get romantic with myself, remind imy body how sexy it is, and totally and completely allow myself to surrender to how good it feels.

I stop hiding from my body and, instead, I sit with it. My tendency when going through spells of feeling sluggish and bloated is to grab the yoga pants and oversized sweater. I am comforted in the idea that no one can see my body, and if no one can see it, then I don’t have to feel it. I’ve learned to go in the complete opposite direction. I strip. I do my chores naked, I take that hot yoga class in a sports bra and shorts, and I leave the house in clothes that celebrate my body. It’s not about putting myself in a position I’m not comfortable with, it’s about learning to feel confident and beautiful and radiant in my own skin.

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