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The Experience: Five Days of the Complete Sakara Life Program

What does it feel like to fully stick to the Sakara Life program? I mean fully: No snacks, no caffeine, no alcohol, and no dessert in favor of the full three-meal program, daily exercise, and a seriously increased level of consciousness?

As an office, we decided to find out. We all committed to completely sticking to the program for 5 days, supporting one another and documenting our experiences along the way. Let's start by looking at exactly each day included:

A Day in the Sakara Life Cleanse

1. Wake up. Be in my body. Breathe deeply. Notice.

2. Drink Sakara Morning Water (yum!) and express gratitude.

3. Enjoy Breakfast delicately.

4. Sip on the first bag of Sakara Detox Tea.

5. Savor each bite of Sakara Lunch.

6. Another round of Sakara Detox Tea.

7. Plan timing of Sakara Dinner very carefully.

8. Journal and conscious reflection. Bath (if we're lucky).

9. Sip on Sakara Night Water.

10. Fall into 8 hours of deep, healing sleep.

In between these bites, breaths, and sips was life: Work, conversations, glasses of water, bathroom trips, meetings, and thoughts. We sprinkled our days with group meditation, yoga classes, sweat sessions, lunch time walks, and many trips to our herbal tea-making station. Our tea kettle has never been more popular.

As a team, we each came into this experience from a very different place. We all fill our bodies with Sakara on a regular basis so no one was going to go into shock, but we all do it in our own ways -- supplementing the program with things that fit best our lifestyles and feel best in our bodies.

We are not juice cleansers, workout addicts, or extremists in anyway: We are a group of health conscious ladies who fuel our bodies with whole foods, work hard, long hours, and loving thoughts. We are constantly trying to achieve a balance in our lives just like you.

We all had different experiences on the cleanse, but we all felt it. Below we share the major group takeaways:

1. Snacking

Every single person in our office noticed how pyschological their snacking habits were. When it came to 3 PM, food was not fuel for the body, but rather entertainment, a coping mechanism, or deeply ingrained habit. By eliminating the option of mindless eating, every single person realized that they did not - physically speaking - need a snack. The first day, snacks were on the mind, but by day 5, not one thought of food crossed anyone's mind from lunchtime all the way until dinner.

2. Cravings

Caffeine and sweets were, collectively, the hardest to give up and produced the strongest cravings. Some people had really bad headaches, some couldn't stop talking about cookies, and others decided that, for them, coffee was a necessity and that's okay! But, again, what everyone noticed was that by day 3, 4, and 5, their cravings had dissipated. For someone like me with a huge sweet tooth, ending Saturday without needing my nighttime fix was...huge.

3. Enjoyment

When you know you are limited to what you can consume in the day, you learn to appreciate everything so much more. Each sip of tea, every bite of veggies, each flavor, texture, and spice was so thoroughly enjoyed. Everything tasted better and this elevated level of enjoyment (and plenty of celebration) helped increase satiation.

4. Tea Is Everything.

Something that was once an acquaintance was now our 'til-death-do-us-part best friend. Those bags of tea were everything to us. They were something to look forward to, something to distract us, something to fill our cravings, and even fill us up. Don't take the little things for granted, Sakaralites. They are everything.

5. Balancing Our Busy Lives

Being busy was definitely good because it stopped us from sitting around, strategizing the best time to eat dinner. However, too busy  often included meals and drinks with friends, which was by far the hardest part of the cleanse. No cleanser enjoys sitting at a table of truffle fries and wine, but alternative plans including yoga class and walks were a welcome and appreciated treat. (We painstakingly cleansed the week of Cinco de May. Sorry team!)

6. Support

Doing it as a team was a huge advantage. We were all in it together. We were doing it for ourselves, but we were also doing it for each other. We had coworkers making giant vats of detox tea, no one bringing in tempting snacks, and 20 other people to share the experience with. Grab a buddy, or 20 if you can, and go in together. It makes all the difference.

7. Results

This is the magic moment. It's the effects our clients experience, the feeling we write and talk about every day: Increased energy, radiant skin, and no more bloat. We don't know if anyone lost weight - we didn't ask - but our clothes definitely felt better and, all in all, we felt sexier.


Pushing ourselves is good. Committing to something is great. Simplifying your life is key. When we did these things, we learned a lot about ourselves, everything from true hunger pains to the transparency of our habits, to our authentic reactions. Pushing away the layers of conditioned bullshit to dig deep and shine some light on who we really are and what we really need is always, always a good thing.

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