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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Capricorn

Look up, Sakaralites. The luxuriously fat and full moon will grace our skies tonight as we dive headfirst into the summer heat. This moon is full of dualities, urging you to strike that oh-so-delicate balance between ambitious plans and intimate personal needs. The full moon is rising in Capricorn calling forth your desire to push personal boundaries and seek sovereignty above all else: Sovereignty from others as well as your own basic fears and sabotage. This drive is balanced by almost childlike urgency to take care of your Self. This might come in the form of quiet cuddle time, healthy, healing foods, physical treatments from acupuncture to colon hydrotherapy, or the release of intimate relationships that have run their due course.

Traits Amplified: Ambition, drive, responsibility, innocence, vulnerability, and surrender.

Questions to Ask: What is working for me right now? What is not working for me right now? What do I need to give up in order to make room for what I truly desire? What decisions can I make today that I will be proud of tomorrow or in one month?

What to Go for: Balance between your professional and personal Self, your responsibilities and your desires. Become acutely aware of the duality that exists within each of us and become willing to adopt a new perception with the ultimate goal of actualizing your highest Self. Through awareness, you will tap into the abundant energy that is provided by the universe for you to take care of your responsibilities and care for yourself. Be certain to celebrate your self care. It is as, if not more, important as any material objective you could ever get your hands on.

What to Watch Out for: If you’re not careful to prioritize what’s coming up for you with this full moon then you will quickly find yourself vacillating between extreme highs and lows. Be strong by responding to what’s in front of you right now with consciousness and foresight. Balancing these responsibly will make room for new options in the future. *Image via here

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