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Aural Fixation: A Public Call to Masturbate

Aural Fixation is Sakara’s bi-weekly call for deeper, richer, sexier self love.

Life is all about balance and your body is constantly seeking this optimal state. It's what drives our craving for a hearty salad, what gets us up early on Sunday for yoga and why we always feel better after a good laugh with an old friend.

However, our everyday grind of sleep, work, food and friends often fails to nourish one of the most important parts of who we are: our sexuality.

It seems that there's so much focus on the external successes that we've left little room to discuss or indulge our sexual energies.

Whether or not you’re currently making love with a partner, regular masturbation can help balance the daily stresses of life on a chemical level. Orgasms help the body release oxytocin, a “love and bonding” hormone, that reduces stress and increases ease.

Sexual energy is also akin to creative energy. It wants to be expressed and it wants to flow. You can use this cultivation of your own, very tangible energetic pulse through masturbation in a couple of ways. If you are winding down for the day or need to relax or let go, pleasure yourself all the way through climax and soak up that release. If you need a boost, pleasure yourself right up to the point of climax (if you can resist!). This latter practice can give you a mental boost, increase productivity, and allow you to truly tap into your creative energy. Either way, spending some quality time with your body, with no preset boundaries and limits, exploring, playing, and feeing, is an important part of your health.

Here's your task: consciously and lovingly masturbate every day for the next week. It's simple, it's powerful, and it's pretty damn enjoyable. Take note of how you feel on Day 1 vs. Day 7, paying special attention to energy levels, mood, creativity, and people/things you are attracting into your life.

Sexual energy is powerful, Sakaralite! Go harvest it.

*Photo by Chris Colls. Image via here

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