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5 Smudging Rituals for Blessing Your Brand New Space

There is nothing that excites us Sakaralites quite like change. The magic of new beginnings, the thrill of unknowns, and the vast unlimited potential for manifesting new realities.

Whether moving offices, bedrooms or cities, a physical change in location is an opportunity to clear space for incredible new beginnings. While we trust the universe in helping us succeed, we are always looking for ways to put in a little extra effort and help the cosmos along, which is why we turn to smudging whenever starting a new space.

Smudging is when you burn a bundle of herbs or small portion of tree limb and infuse a space with the energetic smoke of these plants.

This, however, is no new age abracadabra.

Smoke has played a role in sacred ceremonies for thousands of years. Our ancestors spread across multiple continents used smoke as way to make an offering to their gods above, as a vehicle to deliver their prayers from the grounds to the heavens. The plants represent the earth, the fire represents the sun, and the smoke itself rises high into the heavens, bearing our words with it and becoming a part of everything and anything it touches

Native Americans used it for cleansing and blessing, the ancient Babylonians used it extensively during prayer, and oriental traditions from Buddhism to Hinduism have turned to smudging as part of their religious ceremonies.

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So how exactly do you go about smoking out your home, clearing it of old negative energy while making room for a new and vibrant lifeforce?

1. Find high quality products! We provide the purest Palo Santo in our Superfood Pantry Pack and suggest you visit a local flower shop for the others.

2. Hold the bundle of herbs or piece of wood at arm's distance. Light it by waving a flame repeatedly over the tip of the plant until it begins to smoke.

3. As you begin to walk around the room spreading the smoke from corner to corner, visualize what it is you wish to manifest in this space from a loving family to a thriving business.

The Chopra Center suggests smudging in four steps representing the four directions on the compass. Start in the east where the sun rises and new beginnings are possible. Move to the south of your space to honor creativity and the childlike nature within each of us. Then head west where the sun sets and reflection can begin. Finally go to the north where rest, knowledge, and compassion are possible.

4. Once you've spread the smoke into every sacred corner of your new space, swirl the burning stick around your head and trace the outline of your body. This allows your body to let go of stagnant or heavy energy so you are as pure as your new space.

5. End the ceremony by placing the smoking herbs in a bowl or shell (preferably abalone, which represents the water element) and allow the fragrent fumes to linger.

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For the next time you venture into a new space, or decide to clear out your present one, we've broken down our 5 favorite plants for clearing your precious space.

1. Palo Santo is a healing and cleansing plant. It’s said that only those pieces of a limb which experienced a natural death, and then remained in their habitat for 4 to 10 years, carry the full medicinal and mystical powers.

2. Sage is also traditionally used for healing and cleansing. It’s scientific name Salvia officials actually comes from the Latin word salvere, which literally means “to be saved." Sage originated in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and was first used medicinally by Greeks and Romans.

3. Cedar is the great protectors. Just think of the strength and wisdom embodied in a large cedar tree and you get a sense of the energy that’s awakened by burning this holy plant. Cedar can be burned to rid a space of unwanted spirits and energies.

4. Sweetgrass, also known as seneca or holy grass, is one of our absolute favorites as it embodies the feminine essence pulsing within each of us. It has the sweetest, almost vanilla, scent of all the herbs and is said to bless those who are adorned by its sweet smoke.

5. Frankincense is one of the holiest and most valuable of herbs in the world. It was once considered more important than gold and to this day is used in Muslim, Jewish and Catholic religions. Burning Frankincense purifies and removes negative influences in the body, aura and environment. It’s also been proven to relieve anxiety and depression.


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