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Moon Watch: New Moon in Cancer on July 15

Darkness is something we tend to purge, run from, and chase out with light - but there is a sparkling pearl of magic embedded deep in this darkness — the opportunity to (temporarily) shut down to rebuild anew.

Tonight’s new moon in Cancer will leave the night sky in complete darkness, signaling an opportunity to reset, rethink old beliefs, and realign with your highest Self.

New moons are a very powerful time to set intentions. Speak them aloud, write them down and feel them in your very beings as you step out into the world. As the moon physically steps into the light, so will your manifestations.


Traits Amplified: Femininity, nurture, compassion, transformation, contemplation.


Questions to Ask: Where can I transcend limiting beliefs to create more love in my life? What beliefs are eroding my sense of security? Can I shift my thoughts to cultivate a deeper grounding within myself? How can I be more nurturing to those around me?


What to Go for: Tap into the sensitive, feminine strength within you. There will be boundless emotions coursing through your body and mind as you reconsider what and who in your life contributes to your stability and  growth, and what and who is draining your energies. You must become flexible in your opinion in what is right and wrong for you and only you. Set an intention of allowing your inner sensitivity to speak loudly - this is a crucial first step in order to dive in and listen to your deepest, truest thoughts and feelings - and then take some time to listen. There is a whole lot of clarity coming your way.


What to Watch Out for: Intense emotions from frustration to anger might bubble up. These feelings likely come from awareness of where your security has been jeopardized. Exercise emotional control otherwise you might find yourself acting out and blowing otherwise manageable situations into unsurmountable obstacles.

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