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LINK LOVE: What We Read This Week

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life. LOVE COME TOGETHER: WHY COUPLES YOGA IS THE NEW DATE NIGHT, The Chalkboard Mag "Practicing yoga with a partner brings two people together in a way no other workout does, building trust and confidence…"   BODY CAN YOU BE HYPNOTIZED INTO WANTING TO WORKOUT?, Elle Magazine  "After years of battling the snooze button and using every excuse in the book to avoid a workout, getting put into a trance sounded like the world's easiest way to silence our inner lazy."   FOOD 6 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR WEIGHT, Refinery29 "With all the information out there about how to live a so-called healthy life, you wouldn’t think it would seem like such a huge undertaking. But, oftentimes, the data and details can be confusing and misleading, not to mention overwhelming. Really though, once you wade through the sometimes-dubious facts, it’s mostly about going back to basics and actually enjoying your life in the process."   DISCOVER AN INTRODUCTION TO LIVING ZERO WASTE, Pure Green Mag "For this first post on zero-waste living, I wanted to address life on the go.... The following is a short list of items you should carry with you at all times to reduce how much trash you accumulate [throughout the day]."   HOMEBASE HOW TO SPEND TIME ALONE, New York Mag "In a city that can provoke loneliness—but also reward solitude."   TAKE FLIGHT REACH FOR THOUGHTS THAT PUT YOU MORE IN THE RECEIVING MODE, Mystic Mama “Just remember that anytime you have a negative emotion, you are, in that moment not letting it in. You are not in the receiving mode. And do you know, your not being in the receiving mode is the only thing that ever keeps you from anything you desire?"

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