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Moon Watch: Full Moon Rising in Aquarius on July 31

Tonight is a very special night. A glorious blue moon will grace our skies for the first time since August 2012 and the last time until 2018. A blue moon is not always, well, blue but it represents the second full moon in one month and with that comes A LOT of energy.

The full moon rising in Aquarius sparks change whether you are ready for it or not. However scary or tumultuous the change may be, have faith that it is towards a bright future and hold tight through the storm to reach the other side.


Traits Amplified: Creativity, enthusiasm, idealism, panic, anxiety and fear.


Questions to Ask: Are you ready for a significant change in your life? How do you need to restructure your life AND mind to prepare for this new reality? What perceptions do you need to shift to prepare for new success? How can you gracefully cut ties with your previous perceptions?


What to Go For: Acceptance. Become nothing so that the universe can give you everything. As you become quiet, the current of the universe will guide you towards where you need to be. Solitude. Restructuring your psych and future plans is tough work. Being alone can give you the space you need to make these very necessary shifts.


What to Watch Out for: Change sometimes comes from external factors, but during a blue moon the change is even more likely to emerge from within. You are pulled to change plans, driven to make unlikely decisions, and in turmoil over whether you can choose correctly when the moment of decision comes. Be aware of these feelings and get quiet and calm so you can ride the wave and figure out what change you are supposed to follow — and which are distractions from you real dream.

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