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Practice Self-Love with An Abhyanga

Can we preach for a quick second?

Practicing self-love is just as important as eating your kale.

Just as important.

Which is why we fell in love with abhyangas the very first time we heard that word uttered. An abhyanga is a self-massage with oil, a practice with deep roots in the Ayurvedic tradition. It is said that a daily Abhyanga practice helps to balance the doshas in your body and enhances overall well-being and longevity. 

Abhyangas don’t just allow you to connect to your body on a physical level, they come with a list of benefits: everything from increased circulation to lubricated joints to decrease in anxiety. Ayurvedic doctors believe that abhyanga massages calm nerves, enhance vision, increase stamina (hell yeah), and increase muscle tone (we'll take that too). Speaking from personal experience, they almost always lead to deeper, more restorative sleep (check which dosha you are as abhyangas pacify Vata and Pitta, but actually stimulate Kapha).

An Abhyanga How To:

Warm a bottle of oil in hot water for a few minutes. We recommend trying try jojoba, which agrees with all doshas, or making one specific to your dosha. Try our recipe here!

Pour some oil on your palm and massage everything from your scalp to your feet. Focus on long repetitive strokes along your limbs and more circular strokes on your joints, abdomen and scalp. Don’t forget your feet -- they are the most important part of the body containing nerve endings of essential organs. 

Breathe, notice, and LOVE.

Take care of the most important thing you can: yourself.

Fun fact: the Sanskrit word for oil, sneha, is also the word for love. Spread that oil, and love, from the top to the bottom of your beautiful bod.

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