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The Experience: We Went To A Satsang with Deepak Chopra

And All We Got Was... The Most Incredible Life Advice, Ever.

ABC Carpet & Home granted me the opportunity to see Deepak Chopra in the flesh. Yes, Deepak Chopra, the alternative healing master guiding the integrative medicine and possibly calls Oprah to chat during his free time. I attended the satsang - a gathering together in pursuit of the highest truth - led by Deepak himself, in hopes of learning the secret that I didn’t know.

Soon after seven o’clock, Deepak nonchalantly walked up onto the small stage and welcomed everyone. His presence was startling. There he was, sounding exactly like the meditation guides that I so religiously listen to before bed.

Immediately he began taking questions from the audience. I sat there, eyes glued to his being, ferociously taking notes on my iPhone for the next forty-five minutes. Here are a few take aways from the satsang that are worth mentioning.

1. “None of us ever know the answer, ever - so take care of yourself.” This is always nice to hear. Self-love is a large part of overall health and wellness and it should not be ignored. Don’t wait until you finally reach that goal or you just get through the next month to pause and take care of yourself. You are not the only one that is “trying to figure it out”. We all are. 

2. “Happiness is for a reason. When you are happy, you are also miserable.” This may sound startling, but it is true. These two come hand in hand because whatever is making you happy will be taken away from you. This is how you are able to identify what is happy vs. sad, what is good vs. bad. It is more so contentment that is peace. Joy is contentment and peace at the same time.

3. The 5 causes for all human suffering are:

- not knowing the true nature of reality

- grasping at that that is transient

- being afraid of impermanence

- the ego

- the fear of death

Take note of these causes and work towards ridding them of your consciousness. When humans suffer, they inflict suffering on others.

4. “We confuse ourselves with our experiences.” We should not get confused by this. All of life happens through our experiences. We are constantly seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. These are our experiences. We go through these experiences with the help of our bodies, however our bodies are not who we are. We are our awareness. Awareness is the nature of ourself.

We ended the satsang with a 25-minute guided meditation. Feet on the floor. Hands in your lap. “Eyes closed. Focus on your breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth. As Deepak guided us, I felt a serene contentment and comfort in this almost empty space that I had created myself. A free space where I could escape the constant abuse of my wandering mind. With accompaniment of his soothing, relatable voice I fell deeper and deeper into this space. 

He continued, “Ask yourself: Am I aware? What am I aware of? Who is having this experience?” My body unwound as if I could feel the notches of my tightly-wound being loosen. It must have been the glass of wine.

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