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The Body By Simone Butt Lift

 We don't know if we've ever felt a booty burn as strong as the ones delivered to us in a Body By Simone class on a gleaming silver platter. Next time you are in the gym (or home, or find a spare conference room in the office...) bust out these moves, enjoy the burn, and enjoy the benefits. 

The 90 Degree Booty Blaster


"Start the first move in a table top position with your leg in a 90 degree angle. You are going to lift the leg up and down slowly keeping the leg in that bent position. You want to think of firing your leg right at the top of the hamstring. This move targets your glutes and is designed to lift your booty! Do 3 sets of 8 reps on each side.

The Nip Tuck Extension


The second move is a simple knee in and out extension. This move also starts in a table top position and with a bent knee drawing into your abdominals and then stretching all the way out to a lengthened position. You want to stay completely parallel in your body. This move targets both your abs and hamstrings. Do 3 sets of 8 reps on each side.

I love both of these moves because they create long lean muscles and as a dancer that is the body type I love to have and keep striving for. I like to focus on slow lifts to really tighten the booty for the first move. For the second move I like to stretch my leg out as far as I can so I achieve the ultimate extension. 

For both exercises I remind myself to keep my navel drawing up into my spine so that my core stays tight! I'm always trying to get two for one results with each exercise! 

These exercise are not only great for your body but benefit your mind because the focus on form and extension strengthen the connection between your brain and muscles working on coordination. 

xo Amanda 

*Amanda Kloots is a classically trained ballerina, former Radio City Rockette and bad ass, ass kicking trainer for the sensation that is Body By Simone.


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