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Storytelling With In Pursuit Of Magic

The art of storytelling is very different from getting in front of a group of people and telling them what you did last weekend or detailing, that time you got caught by your parents smoking weed, or when you had an AHA moment for the very first time.

Storytelling is a tradition with deep, strong, tangled roots, an art form practiced for generations and generations and generations. It’s a form of communication and depiction, yes, where the listeners are transported physically, mentally, and sensorially, as if they were reading a book or watching a movie. It is adjectives, verbs, ad nouns carefully woven together to paint a picture, with a powerful energetic exchange occurring throughout the room of people.inpursuitofmagic

When we hosted a storytelling S-Life Event with In Pursuit of Magic last week, there wasn't a planned theme for the night, but it seemed as though all the individuals who braved up, raised their hand, and stood in front of the crowd had gotten some sort of unspoken memo: there is beauty in the illogical. Do the unexpected. Create magic with the nonsensical.

Whether you married someone 4 days after meeting them at Burning Man, timidly recited your poem for the very first time to complete strangers, moved to Paris without knowing a lick of French, but, instead, a handful of magic tricks, OR stayed up all night studying for The Price is Right rather than finals, these moments of defying-all-odds , counterintuitive, and, yes, illogical passion were the moments filled with magic.

That couple is still married, that woman has impacted the hundreds of ears who have heard her words, that boy found his true love for Paris, Parisians, and magic tricks, and that man won The Price is Right, interviewed his idols, and is living a life even his wildest dreams could not have pieced together.

There is doubt in the illogical. Confusion, loneliness, and a fear that swallows each and every one of your cells.

But there is also empowerment. Growth, clarity, and a love so powerful that it can only be described as magic.

What about you? What instances in your life have you gone down the path of the illogical? Where did it lead you?


Beautiful cushions provided by ZZ Driggs.


















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