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Disconnect to Reconnect

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before technology ruled our lives. A time before glancing at our phones throughout dinner became the norm. 

In these ancient times (10 years ago?), if you wanted to meet up with a friend, you had to call her from home—landline to landline. Some of you might even remember those long coiled phone cords that you’d stretch from the kitchen to your bedroom, just to get some privacy. In today’s world, we’re connected by wires and wavelengths, signals and sounds. We are so hooked on technology that we miss out on allowing ourselves to be fully present and truly connected to each other.

We are particularly susceptible to this as Summer closes in, Fall starts to knock on the door and we get busy and back into our routines. But if we take the time to disconnect ourselves from everyday distractions, we can rediscover how to connect with ourselves and those around us on a much deeper level.

Here are our Four Favorite Tips to re-connect with mindfulness:

1)  Eat with friends. Leave your desk! Have meaningful conversations. Life is short.

2)  Call someone you love to say hello, instead of emailing or texting.

3)  Practice holy days and turn off all of your electronics. Use this as a reminder to disconnect from the mundane and allow yourself to focus on things that aren't all about you.

4)  Have an opposite day – get out of your comfort zone! If you usually wear nude lipstick go for a bold and sexy red. Love your body in those jeans instead of being critical. And experience the joy of smiling at a stranger for absolutely no reason at all. Knowing when to disconnect will allow you to reconnect with yourself, the people in your life, the earth. It will allow you to think independently, to sing to your own tune and dance to your own beat. So unplug your laptop, put down your ipad, and shut off your smartphone. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to just be. xo   *

Image by Todd McLellan via here

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