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Two Easy Steps: Asking The Universe For Things + Receiving Them

Step 1: ASK for what you want: 

Many people find the word prayer to be somewhat of a complicated word – something weighted, surrounded by thick walls, and covered in existential questions. But when we talk about prayer, we are referring to the process of opening up your heart and shining love and energy out -- to a person (praying for their health or safety), for an occurrence (like getting the promotion you want) or a thing (attracting the perfect soulmate).

Prayer is the vocalization of your feelings, checking in, asking questions, and asking for things - a physical manifestation to an internal thougth or dream, making it one step closer to a reality. 

You put all of these hopes, dreams, intentions, and curiosities out into the world and, guess what? The world receives them all.

The instant these words are created, whether in your head or mouth, the universe hears them. The more you go back to that thought, the more times that request is heard and the more that thought begins to take shape. Because the universe is always listening, it’s also always receiving, reacting, and you better believe it’s consistently working it’s very hardest to help your dreams come true. The mere inception of your thought is the first step in its creation, so be specific. Be insanely, over the top, super specific with everything you ask for and dream about, so that you can get exactly what you want.  

Starting to pray comes down to finding a practice that resonates with you. Is it through daily positive affirmations? Is it through nightly journaling, writing pages of thoughts and wishes directly to the universe? Or is it by closing your eyes and visualizing the goals you are trying to achieve, concentrating on the questions you NEED answered? Whatever it is, choose a practice in which you can be totally and completely honest with yourself - where you are present, relaxed, authentic and loving towards yourself. Its ok to pray for yourself. To think about and say your prayers out loud. Say it. Say it loud and say it proud. Your prayers become a reality. Focus on the feelings you wish to create and the practice of sending love to others and to yourself. To start, dedicate 5 minutes each day to the practice of your choice. You can do this on your morning commute, in the shower, or while running.

 5 minutes a day is all it takes to get the universe on board.


Step 2: LISTEN for how to get it

Although prayer is an amazingly powerful practice of manifestation, it needs to be balanced in order to work. Sometimes we're too busy talking to listen to what the universe is trying to tell us. And usually what the universe tells us is the exact answer to our prayers. 

So now that you’ve acknowledged your dreams, asked your questions, and allowed the process of co-creation to begin, the next step is to listen to the response. This is where meditation comes into play. When you meditate, you allow the universe to communicate with YOU. Here you learn what the universe has to say to you – what to do next, words of advice, bits of encouragement, and some pretty awesome, wise, and one-of-a-kind strategy. When you slow down, strip down, and get really, utterly, eerily quiet – that’s when the answers to your prayers come.

To start a meditation practice, sit, breathe, and listen. Don’t actively search for anything, because all that busy activity will drown out any and all messages coming your way. Relax, internally smile, and track your breath as it enters through your nose, spreads through your abdomen, into your hips, down your legs and into your toes before slithering back up your body, passing over your chest, and shooting out of your head. Follow each breath as it travels this way. 

Your answers will start off subtle and gentle at first, but as you consistently practice this sovereign combination of prayer-meditation, the answer to each question will come to you with such alarming strength and volume  that you’ll start to look around for that voice sitting right behind you, hiding under the bed, waiting for you at the front door.

Look up, radiant Sakaralite.

And look in

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