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Tarot Tuesday (Body + Movement)

Tarot Tuesday is Sakara’s monthly series where we take a glimpse into what is happening throughout the universe in order to help you connect with the higher Self. 

This card represents Body + Movement: a pillar designed to celebrate your physicality in its entirety. From your mitochondria to your muscles, every inch of your body holds a very sacred piece of who you are. Your body is your vehicle to experience this world in, it is your protector, and it is your warrior. Love that body daily by nourishing it, moving it, and celebrating it.

In honor of body + movement month, take time this week to mirror the strength you have in your life with the strength of your body. With a new moon in Leo, this is the time to speak - if not YELL - your truth, and the same opportunity is present for your body. Challenge your body and allow it to be its true, authentic, sexy self all at the same time. Every inch of it. With these challenges come strength, and with strength comes the ability to soar to new heights.


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