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LINK LOVE: What We Read This Week

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.





Palm Aid: A New Tree-Lined Haven In The Rockaways Will Cure Whatever..., W Magazine


"A few hundred yards from the Far Rockaway beach, in Queens, New York, there is another, more lushly appointed urban oasis. The Palms, which just opened a couple weeks ago, is a 5,000-square foot outdoor event space with a stunning canopy of overhanging coconut palms.The Palms boasts a mud bath, a coconut-water shack, morning yoga classes, and a pop-up branch of beloved art book store Dashwood."





The Body By Simone Butt Lift .Gif!, S-Life Mag


"We don’t know if we’ve ever felt a booty burn as strong as the ones delivered to us in a Body By Simone class on a gleaming silver platter. Next time you are in the gym (or home, or find a spare conference room in the office…) bust out these moves, enjoy the burn, and enjoy the benefits."


10 Things That Happen When You Are Well-F*cked, Kim Anami


"Being well-f**ked changes your life. In fact, it opens up a channel to the direct, creative, love power of the universe.Coming through your heart and your genitals. It sets your life on fire."





Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte To Be Made With Real PumpkinOrganic Authority


"Starbucks recently announced its Auber-popular pumpkin spice latte is getting a makeover: The latte recipe will contain actual pumpkin, and will no longer include caramel coloring, a substance which may contain a potential carcinogen."





The Anxiety-Reducing Activity You Haven't Tried Since You Were A Kid, Mind Body Green


"I'm talking about coloring for grown-ups. The logic behind coloring as a stress reliever is simple: We give kids coloring books to employ their motor skills and imaginations simultaneously. It's one of few activities that can occupy a child both physically and mentally, and is entirely self-contained."





Fly In Your Dream, Mystic Mama


"A poem by Yoko Ono to take you into this magical weekend."

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