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Hangover Yoga

When you’re feeling the effects of a little too much food and drink from the weekend's festivities (or any night for that matter...), get to the mat! A short, simple round of yoga poses will get you moving, breathing, and sweating so that your body can start to eliminate any newly-stored poisons and help alleviate any hangover symptoms...

Yoga For The Hungover

  • Spinal twists: Calm the digestive system by eliminating excess toxins, which are created and stored in the abdominal organs. Seated Twist, Reclining Twist, and Chair Twist are all great options to jumpstart the cleansing process. 
  • Forward bends: Help sooth and heal the digestive organs. These are some of our favorite gentle forward folds: Seated Forward Bend, Seated Forward Bend, Head to Knee pose, Seated Wide Angle pose, and Child's pose. 
  • Abdominal strengthening: Great for alleviating excess cramping, bloating or gas. Try these: Wind Releasing pose, Forearm Plank, or Boat Pose.

What else do we recommend? Water, water, water, sleep, and some good ol’ Sakara LOVE.

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