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Group Text: Free The Nipple?

Nipples. We all have them right? What's the big deal?

In the age of the #FreeTheNipple campaign and the #AllNipplesAreCreatedEqual movement and the #ManNipplesAreTheSameAsWomenNipples debate a lot of fearless women have been left feeling more empowered and open to releasing what they've got on their chests. My thoughts are 'Let your boob flags fly!', and 'Be proud of what your momma gave you!', 'All boobs are beautiful boobs!' Right?

So, why am I still (shy? timid? scared? mortified?) reluctant about baring my breasts?

Turns out my momma didn't help in the slightest in the boob department. Growing up with a mother who had perfect breasts always left me hopeful for what was to come but sadly our genetic DNA stopped with short legs, nice eyes, a good butt and pretty brown hair (in which we've both dyed to become blondes). My boobs and nipples are not one of my strongest assets and sometimes I think they're downright ugly (I know, sad face). They tend to be freed only in low light situations and laying down scenarios. If I could have it my way, my 'naked' outfit would be my favorite black bra and no pants. I'm like Tobias Fünke's Never Nude but for the top half.

In this day and age, how do you feel about Freeing Your Nipples? Are you comfortable with showing your breasts to friends, lovers, ladies locker room acquaintances? Do you even like your boobs and are there such a thing as ugly ones? Any tips on how to 'just get over it' and be accepting of what you've got??



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