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The Experience: Amethyst Crystal Mat

I first heard about crystal mats in an interview with an international supermodel who swore by them. The interview detailed how she gets her GLOW from the inside out, supposedly spilling her model secrets that keep her so thin, so tall, so dewey, so glowy, so vibrant, so beautiful.

Between the classic raw foods, no sugar, and daily mantras, she mentioned her amethyst crystal biomat, claiming it "detoxifies, burns calories, and balances all of your internal systems".

Yes, please, and thank you.

After contacting Biomat and tirelessly explaining how desperate I was to turn into a 6'2" paper-thin model with dark, radiant skin and a luscious mane that tickled the top of my perfectly toned buns, the angels over there were kind enough to lend me one for a couple of weeks. Here's my experience:

Receive giant, heavy box in the mail. Giddy with excitement. I can feel my cellulite shrinking already. 

Struggle at setting the mat up. Ask an intern to help. 

Lay down on the mat, close my eyes, and wait. Mat starts to heat up. Deep breaths. Is my butt on fire? It's worth it. 

Each morning I'd do this, carving out my little corner in the office with my precious crystal mat where I'd work for 2+ hours while my body was being made over from the inside out. After a little over a week of using it daily, I have to admit that there weren't any fireworks (and, yes, my cellulite was still there), but that isn't to say nothing changed.whitney_danielle_crystalmat


Here were my main takeaways:

1. It definitely warmed my body. The Biomat uses Far Infrared Rays and amythest stones to internally warm the body. This means that not only does your skin feel hot, but your body tissues warm up and your blood flow increases. According to Biomat, this helps deliver oxygen rich blood, remove waste, and heal tissues by increasing supply of protein, nutrients, and oxygen to damaged cells.

2. A few days when I was exceptionally sore from a workout, the mat WORKED. Boy did it work. I went from hobbling and cringing around the office to gliding around with utter ease, feeling like a new woman. The relief of muscle pain was real.

3. It calmed me down. According to Biomat, the mat releases nagative ions - atoms "abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains, waterfalls, and oceans". According to WebMD, once negative ions reach the blood stream they, "produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy". As someone who struggles with anxiety on a pretty consistent basis, feeling this release everyday was precious. And because forests,mountains, waterfalls, and oceans are not plentiful too in NYC, this mat became my sanctuary.

4. Regardless of what was actually happening internally, this time felt sacred for me. Not only was I getting to indulge in one of the best kept secrets of a top model, but it was designated me time. It was a space in my day, everyday, where I was choosing to do something for myself. And that always, always does good things for the body, mind, and soul.




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