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The month of September on The S-Life Mag is about celebrating all the ways in which love, sex, and companionship nourish, balance, and fuel us on a daily basis! Together we'll explore the power of your love, your sexual energy, and the important relationships in your life, including the one with yourself. We'll open ourselves up to more people, get turned on by more things, and fall harder and deeper than ever before.

Just like food nourishes the physical body, connections to other human beings nourish the emotional and mental bodies. Whether it is the love for ourselves that feeds our cells, the union of flesh and spirit during a sexual interaction, or the ability your loved ones have to ground you and get you high all at once, these connections are vital for a healthy, balanced, happy life. These connections create the energy from which all life is created - and trust us when we say that tapping back into this energy will help you thrive!

So grateful to have you on this journey with us!

We promise to make it one hell of a sexy ride.

With Love,

Whitney & Danielle

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