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Turn Your Coffee Habit Into A Healthy Morning Ritual With These 5 Tips

Besides water, what do you put into your body every single day? For many of us, the only other thing we eat/drink religiously is coffee. And often it is the very first thing that goes into the body after a night of fasting.

Many health & wellness gurus would recommend skipping the coffee and starting your day off with warm or room temperature water with a squeeze of fresh lemon in it. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It does, but for many people whose jobs require more from them than their bodies can do naturally first thing in the morning, skipping the cup o’ joe isn’t always realistic.

Coffee isn’t necessarily bad on its own; it in fact can provide many health benefits. The problem usually arises when we add too much sugar, dairy and artificial ingredients to our coffee... or when we overdo it.


Here are some suggestions to keep your coffee habit healthy and to turn it into a positive ritual:

1. Whether or not you choose to eliminate coffee, you want to start your day with water. Have water before your coffee. I leave a mason jar of water by my bed at night along with my probiotics and enzymes so that I can get it out of the way before I even get out of bed.

2. Adding artificial creamers like CoffeeMate, or artificial sweeteners like Equal or Sweet 'N Low are quick ways to turn your coffee toxic. Opt for all-natural options. I always recommend milk alternatives like almond milk or rice milk (or soy milk in moderation). If your office or local coffee shop doesn’t offer these options, buy a carton for yourself and leave it in the fridge at work (be sure to label it, people love to try it for themselves!).

If you need a little sweetness, try adding a touch of agave nectar, honey or xylitol. And if that’s not an option, go for the natural sugar in the brown packet. Moderation here is key, you don’t want to spike your blood sugar levels first thing in the morning.


Check out the rest of the tips, including a Coconut Coffee Latte recipe, on MindBodyGreen!

Article written by Sakara Life co-founder, Whitney Tingle


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