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Link Love: What We Read This Week

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.



Transform Love Addiction Into Pure Love, Huffington Post


"You see, when we have found love through a connection with another, it energizes us. It gives us that extra "spark" of love and joy. It is then that we must shift our perspective. Our habitual response is to focus even more on our partner and rely on them to supply us with more of those feelings. When what we should really be doing is shifting our mindset to: Look at all these wonderful and loving feelings that I'm experiencing, how can I express that love out into the world? How can I help make other people feel and experience more love through my own inner love and joy?"





Drink Switchel: A Trendy Drink That’s Good For You and Also Not Wallet-Crushingly Expensive, Into The Gloss


"It comes out of a tap, looks like beer, tastes a little bit like ginger ale, and is pretty reasonably priced. It's refreshing, bubbly, doesn't give you coffee breath, and has all those various health incentives that those trendy drinks tend to have."





A 30-Minute Treadmill Workout Guaranteed To Make You Sweat, Mind Body Green


"Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. On a gorgeous fall day when you can run outside, it's the last thing on your mind. But when it's rainy or you're training for a marathon, it can quickly become your fitness BFF. So we quizzed John Henwood, the founder of the New York City fitness studio TheRUN, for a quick, 30-minute treadmill workout anyone can do."





The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Office Snacking, Vogue


"According to New York City–based nutritionist Heather Bauer, office snacks no longer have to be so grim or so desperate."





California School Goes Gender-Neutral, New York Mag


"Making school days less traumatic for trans, gender-fluid, and intersex kids."





When I Forced Myself To Stop Relying On My NaivetéElle


"When you don't yet know what you're capable of, insecurity can serve, weirdly, as a safety net. If you fail, you still carry in your pocket the possibility that tomorrow you'll succeed. Once you succeed, that game is over."

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