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The Sakara Sex Index: Tips and Tricks To Set The Mood

You're a super sexy Sakaralite, so we know you've got your routines. You know what usually works, and what never does. But admit it, a couple tips and tricks to spike that libido even higher can't hurt. Here, find our most fundamental tips for how to set the mood right tonight:


1. Ambiance

If there’s one thing that Thomas Edison got wrong with the invention of his lightbulb, bitch he killed my vibe. Nothing says sexual ambiance like the flicker of a couple candle wicks scattered throughout a dark room. Or rather, the glow of a Himalayan Salt Lamp. The salt crystals of this glowing pink rock are over 25,000 years old (!!!). They work their magic on your ambiance by emitting negative ions (good) that collide with the positive ions (bad) in your room to balance the atmosphere and promote the flow of ‘chi’ or ‘life force’. To add to that, the lamp boosts serotonin levels, aka an increase in sex drive and transportation of your body’s “essential fluids”.

Glowing pink rock rock - Lightbulbs + Chi = Instant Orgasm.


2. Oxygen

We all know what good a slow, deep breath does for the mind, body, and spirit. Whatever you’re doing, taking a second for deep breathing is one of the most soothing releases known to man, eminently when it comes to the case of you and your man. Before you rush into anything and skip the foreplay all together, take a couple minutes to be aware of both your breaths and the power that they have to take you through what’s about to conspire. We all know the best way to connect with your breath is through meditation, and don’t think for one second that meditation isn’t linked to your sex life, because baby, it is. Meditation brings us back into our most primal, authentic state, igniting the pro-creation prowess within. Some even believe meditation makes you sexually psychic.

Another way to increase oxygen consumption while you’re going at it: surround yourself with plants, flowers, all things that grow from potted soil (that is, if you can’t just do it in a forest). Some of the best are chrysanthemum, weeping fig, and bamboo palm. These leafy green friends of ours produce more oxygen by filtering the air around us to absorb bad friends like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. (Yes, believe it or not, those bad friends may be taking up residence in your favorite sex space).


3. Oils

Essentials oils are at it again, this time raining down on our sex lives with their enchanting power and aphrodisiac qualities. Before you begin your sacred act, lightly douse your skin in ylang ylang, neroli, patchouli, or rose (or, a combination of these if you’re feeling extra sensual). Another great way to make use of these oils is by letting them steam out via an essential oil diffuser. That way, these sexy smells can infiltrate the entire room, not just between the sheets.

Ylang Ylang is bitter, sweet, cooling, and erotic (heck yeah). Ylang Ylang literally means flower of flowers in Malaysian, and is infamous for balancing delicate hormones, improving erectile disfunction, promoting sexual desire and bliss, as well as taking on some antiseptic and antidepressant qualities.

Neroli, aka the sweet organic blossom, has some serious cooling properties that invoke a sense of peace and relieve some of that first-time-with-this-guy anxiety. For ladies that still want to get it on during their monthly moon cycle, neroli calms PMS pressure and cramps.

Patchouli is a sister of the mint family, so her sweet yet musty and woodsy tones deliver you a healthy dose of warming sensitivity, while simultaneously stimulating the nervous system and sexual organs for a balanced libido. So that’s why Woodstock and the Grateful Dead are known for smelling like Patchouli. It can also help prevent slash treat vaginal infections (like a painful UTI).

Rose is Aphrodite’s sacred scent, and there’s nothing that this healing flower can’t do for a woman’s composition. In oil form, rose is a rich heart opener and spiritual-love healer. It’s good for anyone feeling particularly distanced from their partner, as it’s known the rekindle the flame of love while strengthening the uterus for the Miss and increasing sperm count for the Mr.

Likewise, a little coconut oil is nice to keep close by, in the event you want to lube it up the natural way. There’s no denying, it tastes pretty good too.


4. Music

The right sex playlist can make or break the outcome. The positive effects of music on the human psyche are as deep as they are indicative. A little Drake, a little A$AP Rocky… A little Ben Howard, a little Young Heel… let the vibrations soothe your soul and turn you on in places that silence just can’t reach. Music can almost instantly relieve stress and anxiety, improve immune function, aid in memory, muscle performance, and promote a sound sleep (all good things in this case). Before, during, and after sex, the melody makes all the difference.


5. Something Slinky

Fashion ain’t Fashion with a capital F for no reason. What we wear directly affects our mood and overall mind-body psyche. Confidence Dressing is a very real deal. It’s not always just what we put in our bodies that makes us feel sexy, but it’s also about what we put on them. Maybe it’s a lil’ lingerie, or maybe it’s your favorite old hole-y band tee. Whatever something slinky and seductive feels like for you, put it on to rekindle some confidence in your own skin before you even think about letting him in (literally). You work hard to keep that body healthy, now go put something on it that’s going to get him all googley-eyed for what’s underneath.


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