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A Guided Meditation to Activate Sensuality

Did you know that women are physically incapable of orgasm if their cortisol (aka stress) levels are too high? This Guided Meditation is designed to get you out of your head, away from your stress, and into the healing power of discovering your inner most sensuality. Repeat after us: attention, sensation, reception. Give yourself permission to do this, Sakaralite. The world needs more lovers like you.


1. Set the Scene

Turn off the lights. Light a candle. Switch on your Himalayan Salt Lamp. Sit yourself cross-legged on a soft surface (a bed would be best in this case, but a folded blanket or pillow work well too). Flutter your eyes shut, and place your hands - palms down - lightly resting on your knees. Breathe. In through the nose… out through the nose. Do this ten times. If your mind is extra stressed, continue on by starting over with breathing in and out ten times until you finally feel clear, and calm.

A quieting of the mind and an immersion of all the senses (especially that 6th sense of intuition) is what’s going to bring you out of a stressed body and into the peaceful, present moment. Keep in mind that the pleasures of sensuality are the building blocks to sexuality. In this step of setting the scene and finding your center, it’s especially important not to label your senses with a word, but rather experience them in their most raw form. Let the events of your day go, and be still with pure sensation.


2. Get Touching

Then, eyes still closed, begin to touch and rub the body in all the places that begin to call out to you, for however long they tell you they need touching. If your mind / body are feeling especially restless now, feel free to go about this step systematically. Begin by touching the feet (don’t skimp on those toes) of your dominant side. Make your way up the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, inner thighs, booty… taking as much time with each area as it’s telling you it needs. Then move on to the next leg. Likewise, repeat these movements on your dominant arm, then the other. Rub and touch your abdomen, sending it some gratitude for the power and purpose it serves your sexuality and ability to pro-create. Rub your chest, boobs, neck, and ears.


3. Go inward

Once your body is telling you it’s been touched enough, place your hands back on your knees, this time palms facing up to receive. Pay special attention to your breath and imagine it infiltrating your lower abdomen and reproductive system. Put your attention there. Give it some life. Give it some Love. If your imagination begins to run wild with thoughts of a partner, briefly allow its energy to excite you, but before you get too distracted from the present moment, pull back and come back to the breath. Again, feel it, and imagine where it’s going. Continue on with this as long as you deem necessary.

Do you feel femininity? The energy you’ve accumulated thus far should be that of the feminine: warmth, reception, grace, creation, and it should come to you with a ‘care-giver’ kind of sensitivity. This energy has less to do with the distinction between male + female, and more to do with the kind of vibration you raise your senses to. Once this femininity is cultivated within you, you’ll be open to receive the more masculine energy of a partner.


4. Close It Out

Bring yourself back into the physical body; receive with the senses so that you may give with the senses. Once you feel calm and content - totally stress free - move your hands lightly up your thighs and to your genitals. Conceal all the energy that your hands just received, and give it back to that space between your stems. Recognize it as a healing energy, not one to be wasted or given away for free. Feel the energy move through your system, and up your front body. Slowly move your hands along with it, until they reach your heart center in a reverent Namaste. Breathe, and bow to the power of sex and all it’s potential for the beauty that it will begin to create in your life. You deserve nothing less.

* Keep in mind, that you’re going to want to consistently breathe in and out through the nose. No mouth here - use that for something else later on. We’re trying to slow the heart rate down and get your energy into a sensual, vulnerable flow *

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