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Shift: From Binge Drinking to Social Celebration

Welcome to our new S-Life Mag series: Shift From This To That. Making a shift from one way of operating to another is never simple - though we wish we could tell you that it was. It’s a dance back and forth and within and without. It’s a strengthen, a lengthen, a transformation. And the beauty of it all, is that you get to make the choice. You get to choose to make the shift, and that’s just about the most dazzling dance there is.


More often than not, it takes something a little new and unfamiliar to shift our perceptions from this… to that. And don’t be afraid to admit it Sakaralite: that is always better. With each new day, we get to make a decision on how we act or react through each encounter. We get to choose who we want to be, and what sort of impact we want to make on the world. Love, sex, and companionship are all elements that require us to have feelings, be present, and show up for life and for other people. We can’t assume to find love, have cosmically aligned supernova sex, and make companions of a lifetime if we’re not willing to feel and be and present with our own divinity.

As with any touchy subject we may be looking to find the answer to, it’s imperative that we look at the history of things, and find out where we went wrong and what we can do about it. Alcohol has been a predominant social factor in every culture, day, and age. The feel-good but all too soon to feel-bad thirst quencher has been around since the Stone Age (yeah, cavemen knew how to party). According to The Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, chemical residue of an intentionally fermented fruity drink made of grapes, hawthorn berries, honey, and rice was being produced as early as 7000 BC! The ancient Hindu Ayurvedic texts also describe to us the most beneficial, as well as the most consequential, effects of intoxication. Alcohol has been used as medicine for the depressed and weary, as a sacramental offering to gods and kings, as a symbol of Divine body and blood during the Last Supper, and even as a breakfast accompaniment for Romans who needed an extra little flavonoid uppage with their morning meal. Though we don’t support the latter to go alongside your Aphrodite Fig Bar, we are intrigued by how and when our ancestors deemed alcohol consumption appropriate.

It’s no longer 7000 BC (obviously). It’s the 21st century, and it seems that at the rate we’re going, our culture will be remembered as the ones who popped bottles for all the wrong reasons. Why is that? We’re all too quick to use the act of drinking to forget how to feel, rather than remember it. Our ancestors used the act to enhance their feelings, and bring them to a state of gratitude and remembrance for all that they had, and all that they had to give back. Alcohol was used as a symbol, and a catalyst, rather than a sort of emotional-anesthesia. We can learn a lot from our ancestors when it comes to conscious consumption - especially that of fermented fruity beverages.

So how do we make the shift? It all begins with an awareness of why you drink, when you drink, and how much you drink. If taking fire-ball shots chased by watered-down and over-priced vodka soda’s is your idea of conscious consumption and celebration, then so be it. But if you know that you deserve to feel more - to remember more - then a shift is necessary. We shift by tapping into the wisdom of our ancestors and by learning how to throw the social celebration of the century (fire-ball shots not included).

You deserve to remember all your days: how they felt, smelled, sounded, and looked like. What I know for sure, is that I want to be an agent of change in how my peers coin celebration. Life can always be a party - even sober - when we choose to be present and show up for it. And sometimes it’s a higher force that can become the agent of change to help us make the shift and fully know that we deserve more. What I also know for sure, is that a night of binge-drinking has nothing on the sheer heaven of showing up with a bowl of fruit and a bottle of fine Rosé, all to be deliberately enjoyed as you contemplate Keplar 22B, or celebrate another year in the life of someone you love.

CHEERS to your feelings, Sakaralite! Let them take you into a brighter, binge-less future. I’ll raise my glass to that!

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