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Sakara Glossary: Goji Berries

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Goji Berry (GO-jee Bear-ee), noun

Origin: Oriental China

Lycium Barbarum / Wolfberry

If you haven’t yet amped up your nutrient game with the Goji Berry, aka the Fountain of Youth, then you’re in for a serious treat! This medicinal berry has been widely enjoyed for over 2,000 years, all with intentions of living longer. This can be attributed to Goji’s balanced energy, it’s neither warming nor cooling, and it’s powerful alkalinity makes it one of the most adaptogenic superfoods Mother Nature provides.

Legend has it that Gojis were discovered by a Chinese Medicine doctor living and working in a remote community of the Himalayas. He found that a majority of the community lived well over 100 years, with no signs of grey hair, and had never lost a tooth to decay. The doctor made the correlation that these centenarians had all been drinking from a water well that was overgrown with Goji Berry vines. The berries had been falling into the H2O and oozing out some awesome nutrients powers, providing people with long, vibrant, robust lives. Hence the recent craze of Goji Tea!

All in all, Goji Berries contain more carotenoids than any other food, and just a handful of them are loaded with your daily dose of Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, and selenium (all very important, and all too easily forgotten minerals). Meaning, plump glowing skin is just a handful away. Gojis also contain all of you body’s essential amino acids, with the highest concentration of protein of any fruit, and 15 times the amount of iron than spinach! These babies may be small and sweet on the outside, but once they’re digested on your inside, they help aid in some seriously impressive lean muscle composition and overall joint health. Gojis are anti-inflammatory (helping to tame heat induced, or just stress induced, bodily swelling), anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds, free-radical fighting antioxidants and an impressive amount of polysaccharides (all of which boost immune power and ward off pesky allergies).

In ancient Chinese Medicine, the Goji is said to work it’s magic on the kidneys and liver in order to combat back pain, improve eye sight, as well as help treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and fever. All that being said, there’s almost nothing that this vitality super fruit can’t do for you.

Not only are Gojis a marvelous shade of pinkish red, but they’re also pleasant to chew on (bring on the plant candy!). You can start to use them by just knocking back handfuls and enjoying their simply divine, and pleasantly simple flavor. Other ways to use Gojis are by mixing them into a batch of raw-nola, tossing them into a smoothie, sprinkling them on top of oatmeals and smoothie bowls, or dusting them over top your favorite salads and sides. The diversity of this berry is boundless. Who knew eating candy could be this GOOD.

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