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Group Text: Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

Love is a weird and crazy thing. An emotional roller coaster filled with euphoric highs and insanity inducing lows. Up, down, hot, cold and then hot again. As a true romantic my past love experiences have been as follows: meet a guy, form a school girl crush, daydream endlessly, lust, lust, lust, establish relationship, fall in love, get bored, break up and start the whole cycle all over again. Deep down I always toyed with the thought of love at first sight. Could it be a myth proven to be true? I was a skeptic considering the amount of cheesy rom coms I watched as a kid-of-divorced-parents. There were so many different theories on the topic but those who swore by it had either a really optimistic sense of false hope or they had experienced this strange encounter and proven it to themselves to be true. Ridiculously enough, I belong in the latter category. Yes, it's true, I am a reformed non-believer in love at first sight. I am one of the 29% of women who have 'claimed' to have experienced this love wonder and am happy to report 2 1/2 years later to still be on the (bumpy) ride.

The way I can best describe my experience is that it was one that was mutually felt. Yep, he felt the same thing the minute we both locked eyes. But to be honest I think it was even a second before that. It was an energy, a chemical balance that we both shared. It was intimate without even being intimate. It was weird. What happened in the time that followed was a sense of feeling like we both belonged in a way that we hadn't belonged before. It's indescribably describable.

But hey, like all things in life nothing is perfect and according to my other half who was asked for a quote, said via text:

'You must have ur eyes open and be willing to receive the gift of love cuz when it happens, it happens. You also gotta be willing to put the work in that comes with falling in love. That was the corniest writing I've ever done. Jeeze.'

So, what do you think? Are you still a non-believer? Have you experienced love at first sight? Is your heart open to experiencing it? You're up!

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