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Sometimes, it's hard to come up with the perfect date night idea, but we know they exist. We know they're somewhere out there. We sent out an email blast to the Sakara office to roundup some of the best dates they've been on to get some inspiration.  

And then we knew we had to share:

1. Denise (Director of Strategic Projects): "My dream date is for a man to fly me to Tulum and then reenact every moment of Bachelor Paradise - Seasons 1 & 2, with me."

2. Amanda (Director of Marketing): "I masterminded an all day scavenger hunt for my boyfriend's birthday. It was crazy and each stop had different clues. It started with brunch and ended at 1am with a surprise party of 40 friends. Also, one of my favorite dates that he took me on was a trip to the zoo, accompanied by a picnic. I love animals!"

3. Erin (Design Associate): "Last March, when my boyfriend and I went to Hawaii, he said he wanted to set aside one day where he could plan everything we did. We had spent most of the week doing family things with cousins and my grandma, so this day away with one another alone was very necessary. We drove our rental car for about 30 minutes to what seemed like a very deserted, VERY rocky hiking area. I was a little skeptical when we hiked for 20 minutes and didn't seem to have a real destination, but I kept my mouth shut and let him lead the way. After a bit more hiking I could see we were getting closer and closer to ocean - we finally came upon a big grouping of palm trees and other tropical plants and after walking a little farther towards the water, the foliage began to part allowing us to see this beautiful secluded beach. I'm not sure where he heard about this or how he was so confident we'd find it, but it was a beach out of a movie or a postcard. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out, eating lunch he had brought, swimming, and relaxing, and even saw some sea turtles."

4. Rachel (Fulfillment Associate): "May have not been some people’s idea of an all time best date, but I could’t ask for more; My boyfriend picked me up for a surprise date, took me to dinner at Tartine in the West Village, and then we went mini golfing at Hudson River Park. It was perfect."

5. Maggie (Client Service Associate): "A guy I was seeing texted me a packing list and meeting point, and we went on a three day surprise camping trip! It was amazing, to say the least."

6. Jordan (Sales Manager): "My bf and I were dating long distance and he told me that he would 'see me over the weekend' but wouldn't tell me what we were doing all week. On Friday afternoon, I received a text from him saying 'pack a bag and meet at the airport in 2 hours'. I didn't know where we were off to until I got to the airport and he emailed me my ticket… He had planned a surprise trip to Canada, where we stayed in a cabin over the weekend and had a wintry getaway in a snow-filled mountain, town tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Quite the fun surprise!"

7. Gabby (Brand Director): "On a Saturday, my boyfriend and I alternated who was in charge of what activity throughout the day: he started by taking me to the MET, I took him bowling, he took me to a video game bar, and then I took us to dinner on the water in Brooklyn. Though, another great time was when we re-inacted our first date 5 years later: same food, same movie, same hot and heavy makeout sesh."

8. Meagan (Editorial Assistant): "To the many men (very kidding) fighting to take me out, take notes: Bring me on a challenging hike outside the city. Rent a car, pack a camera, some coconut water and various snackies, and make the hike with me. Once we reach the top, make kissy time under a tree <3. Or rent an RV home and cruise the desert with me for a weekend. I’d dig that too."

9. Kirby (Copy Writer): "My favorite dates are all-day affairs that start out with brunch at our favorite French bistro and grow organically into meandering adventures... strolling through the flea market, stopping for coffee and a pastry, wandering into shops, stopping again for a drink and winding up at home, where we order in and snuggle up on the couch."

1o. Amanda (Client Service Associate): "The morning after a huge party I had hosted with friends, my boyfriend (who wasn't yet my boyfriend at the time) started cleaning, 'You really don't have to do that...' I told him. His response, 'The sooner this gets done, the sooner I get to hang out with you.' I swooned.

After voluntarily helping us all clean up the party, this wonderful man took me out for dinner. It was our first official, yet very unofficial date that began at about 11:30 PM. We settled on a cozy restaurant in the heart of of Santa Monica. We told each other about our lives and laughed over a well-deserved meal of tacos and margs.

As we walked back to the car, I asked if he'd like to go sit on the sand - the beach was a mere 10 feet away. We walked through the cool night sand down to the Pacific Ocean, and he grabbed hold of my hand as we neared the edge of the water. We threw off our shoes, plopped down, and sat quietly as the waves lapped up onto the beach.

'Do you like to swim?' I asked coyly. He looked at me and smiled. I jumped up, de-robed, and ran ass-naked into the ocean. He quickly followed suit. ;)

We returned to the Jeep, both of us absolutely covered in sand, barefoot, and still laughing. We pulled out onto the Pacific Coast Highway to head back to LA, but at the last minute pulled a U-turn. He drove up the winding PCH towards Malibu, windows down with the electrifying sound of Air's Moon Safari blasting through the speakers.

Once we were far into the Malibu coast line he pulled the car over, and we stood leaning against the door, facing the ocean. The view away from the light-pollution and smog of LA revealed a night sky brimming with stars. A flow of chills ran through my body as he held me close. This man was (is) magnetic, and the moment was both electrifying and peaceful. An ideal end to an extraordinary night."

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