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Moon Watch: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Harvest Moon

“Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say. Just like children sleepin, we could dream this night away. But there’s a full moon risin', let’s go dancin' in the light. We know where the music's playin', let's go out and feel the night. Because I'm still in love with you, I wanna see you dance again, because I’m still in love with you, on this Harvest Moon.” - Neil Young 

This weekend is abundant with possibility for every pillar of our blessed lives. We have a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Harvest Moon, Super Moon, and Blood Moon. Whoa baby. That’s what I call a night on fire. On Sunday the 27th, we get to experience the illumination of our moon in all it’s super full, red glory. All these things have happened together only five times since 1910, the last time being in 1985, and the next time not until 2033! Let the moon be your disco ball tonight. Don’t miss your chance to bask in her magic. This weekend, we get to flow in growth and clear past karmic patterns for good. Of course, you have to make the choice, no one can do it for you. Do the work, feel the love.


Traits Amplified: Cooperation, partnership, equality, ending, awakening, emergence


Questions to Ask: Where am I making my decisions from (a place of love, or a place of fear)? What elements of Mother Earth make me feel most connected and protected? Where was I (emotionally, physically, spiritually) one year ago? What similar patterns from that time am I still stuck in?


What to Go For: Earthing. Find a way to feel more grounded on our planet. This could be from a big, emotional hug from a close friend, or it could a stroll barefoot through the grass. Whatever your form of connection with Mother Earth, allow it to instill a sense of patience and love into your super charged energy. The air on this moon will be electric. Our emotions are being pulled in 9238 different directions, and often, our reaction to this is one of irritation. Go inside and ask yourself what you really think / feel about something, before you unconsciously blurt it all out. Our unconscious’s darkness is very strong this weekend; don’t allow it to govern you. You have choices to make. Go for free will and stay open. Highlight upon only the most important issues that need to be sifted through. The rest will come in time. You can’t do it all at once.


What to Watch Out For: Your pesky shadow. This moon, you have more in common with Peter Pan than your wish to stay eternally young. The darkest shadows of your subconscious will begin to emerge, so watch those moods. If you begin to respond in anger or with an unusually aggressive temperament, pull back as best you can and recognize that this is just your body’s way of letting go of what is no longer creating positive energy in your life. Use this super duper eclipse in all it’s glory to awaken the inner-most, Divine YOU. How blessed you are to have the chance to do that. Now go dance and sing under that big disco ball in the sky!

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