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How To Feel Lighter By The End of Today

Each and every organ, tissue and cell in the body holds an energetic frequency that plays an essential part in maintaining a healthy bod. Both negative emotions and negative thoughts hold energetic frequencies that alter the energetic frequency that your body naturally holds in its healthiest state. When negative thoughts are held onto for years, they can distort the frequency of your organs, tissues, and cells, creating the ideal environment for harmful disease to grow. This phenomenon can not only prevent the healing and self-growth that your body is inherently equipped to do, but can actually cause physical illness by elevating blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and causing headaches and poor circulation, ultimately weakening your immunity.

Now, layer that in with the power of attraction. In addition to creating a toxic environment in your body, storing toxic emotions becomes a foundation for a cycle of negative thinking – and negative thoughts not only mean negative feelings, but also the manifestation of negative things in your life.

What you feel you become and what you think you create, so to create your best version of yourself and live the life you dream of living, your thoughts and excess emotional baggage you carry inside your body must be cleared. 

After that intense Super-Full-Blood-Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse last night, the beginning of this week is a great time to focus on detoxing negativity from your mind and out of your body! Here are our top 4 favorite, luscious, and self-loving ways to release negative emotions. Let GO of the heavy, and lighten up the body, mind, and soul:

1. Workout hard – push yourself physically and watch as anger, fear, guilt, and hate drip onto the floor.

2. Take a detox salt bath with Epsom salts and essential oils – salt absorbs negative energy and essential oils generate LOVE in the body.

3. Eat grounding vegetables that are close to the earth – connect your energy waves to those of the calming Earth. Soak in its wisdom.

4. Write down positive thoughts or happenings to replace the old with the new – what does this positive thought feel like,  why/when/where do you feel this way most, what are all of the things you KNOW this thought will help you achieve?

Now sit back, close your eyes, and bask in the glory that is your radiant body, everlasting changes, and raw creations. You'll feel lighter by the end of the day.

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