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Behind Closed Doors: Love, Sex and Companionship with Jenne Lombardo

Love, Sex & Companionship can be a hard topic to explore for many. It's private, scary, vulnerable, and, maybe more than any other section of The S-Life Pyramid, can really, really hurt. But it's also why we exist on this planet. It fuels us, nourishes us, grounds us, and lifts us up. In a world that can often feel ominous, perplexing, and misleading, it very concretely and very beautifully reminds us why we are here.

We're not sure if there is anyone in our circle of women warriors who knows this dance better than Jenne Lombardo. Inspirational #GIRLBOSS, badass mother, and deep, deep lover, Jenne has consciously spent most of her life not only exploring this tightly woven web of love, sex, and companionship, but mastering it to create a life filled with passion, success and devout meaning.jennelombardo_sakara_life


Accessing intuition has been an integral part of Jenne's success. It’s driven her to various decisions and taken her down various paths. It’s something very tangible and very innate thats rooted inside of her.

"I think what's lead me to where I am, be it physically or emotionally, is largely based on intuition. Even career-wise, I've always just gone with my gut and relied on listening to what the universe is presenting to me and trying to respond to it instead of resist it. It's very challenging to do that. I think more often than not we want to resist certain things that don't feel good and in doing so you end up just putting up a battle and losing no matter what. I believe you're kind of meant to go on a certain path.

"I always listen to my heart."

I definitely know when something doesn't feel right, I feel it in my stomach, 100%. It's like your head and your heart have two very different processes and I think we're, perhaps even as women, at a constant struggle with what to listen to. I always listen to my heart. My head it's so analytical and all it's going to do is process why I shouldn't do something, whereas my heart is a little bit more of a risk taker and motivated by feelings and less thoughts. And that's okay. Your head doesn't want you to make mistakes, whereas your heart allows you to. I think it's within those mistakes that real magic happens because you learn and you tried and you're like, okay I failed but I tried, and now what are my findings from this failure and how can I get even better?"



While Jenne has lived her life around the idea of listening to her gut, following her heart, and taking risks, she admits that falling into patterns are one of the walls she continually works to break down.

"We're just energy.Whatever we put out is what we're going to get back."

"I'm a big pattern repeater and I'm trying to not do that anymore. We're the common denominator in our life and when things repeatedly and continuously aren't happening it's because we're repeating these patterns. We're just energy. Whatever we put out is what we're going to get back. We have to re-analyze what it is that we're putting out there. If you're not satisfied with what you're getting back, it's because you're not putting out the right intentions."



It's obvious there is strong love that oozes throughout Jenne's life. Whether with the people she interacts and surrounds herself with or the love she gives to her children, love is a constant pulsing presence that threads her life together and keeps it intact. What really struck us about Jenne, though, was the level of unwavering self-love she harnesses and how an innate ability to listen, trust, and understand herself as a woman has led her to become who she is today.


"Always, always, always it's got to be fun and fulfilling. I'm not built or equipped to understand complicated relationships and navigating through them. I'm too sensitive and I'm too simple when it comes to feelings. To me, I love really, really deep and really, really hard for anybody that's in my life, which is great, but on the flip side you also have to be prepared to get hurt even harder when you love really hard, which sucks!"


“I'm just always about loving yourself and saying I'm enough. It's about being grateful everyday, even when things are really hard. It's about saying thank you, everyday. Hundreds of millions of people are dying and I thank the universe for letting me be here for another day and trying to make an imprint, however small. Even if it just means doing the little things everyday that help make peoples lives a little bit better.”


"They're my soulmates. When everything else seems vacant and fast-paced, they ground me. Even during fashion week I'm like, 'Why don't you come visit mommy at a show?' They think it's hilarious. They're like, 'They don't smile on the runway and they're walking down and wearing these weird clothes and they're not even laughing' and I love that perception. It's like this constant flux of reality that they give to me everyday. 

For me, and I can only say this because this is how I did it, it's not right or wrong, but I didn't come into my children's lives, they came into mine and they had to adapt into my life. Yeah, it's a change but it's not a negative change, it's a really beneficial one. That's kind of my theory, just throw them in, and they're going to be fine. My kids live in a, I would say, 'more progressive household that's age appropriately open.' "



We know Jenne as being a sexy woman in the most empowered sense of the term. Whether through her style and clothing, to her work with sexually charged companies (Hi, Playboy), or simply through the fierce energy she exudes, Jenne has a sultry magnetism that is immediately felt. As a true Sakaralite, sex, sexual power and the importance of feeling sexy is something that she is comfortable with, respects, and easily taps into. It is apart of her being.

"For me it's really empowering. It's something that I own. It's all mine and I can chose who I want to share any of it with. It's my possession that I think is just really fun and I think that the exploration of it is really healthy. I have always had a strong sexual energy. I just think it's about your level of comfortability with sex and your body and your being. People have different levels of sexuality and what they're comfortable with and what turns them on. 

"Sex should't be a dirty word, and the exploration of it should be considered something fun that you do to love and respect yourself."

"I'm constantly looking into the psychoanalytics of the younger generation and their relationship with sex. It use to be that the girl had to be coaxed to take her shirt off, but now, she feels empowered enough to take it off for herself because she owns that. I think when you have a certain confidence, sexuality is not a currency you use where you think your value lies, because it's not. Your sexuality is an asset to who you are, and I think it should be fun that way. Sex shouldn’t be a dirty word, and the exploration of it should be considered something fun that you do to love and respect yourself. If you’re doing it because you aren’t happy with who you are, or you’re using it as a tool, then it’s really destructive and dangerous."


"I'm trying to figure it out right now. I think we go through waves of feeling really high on everything that we're doing and really good about it and then I think, for me anyway, I'm like what's the point of all of this? I'm working really hard. I don't get to see my kids as much as I would like to and is this what it's meant to be? I'm trying to figure it out as I go. Sometimes I think that people that move to Hawaii or Costa Rica have perhaps figured it out better because we're in such a hustle here. It's so expsensive to live in New York. Jobs are so competitive and we're all here for a reason, because we're achievers, but at what cost and for how long can you continue on with that momentum? It just depends on your value system for yourself. You decide when it's enough.

"What I think about when I'm setting my intentions is to try to be focused on what I'm putting out there into this world."

I'm constantly struggling with how to be present and that's something that I'm really trying hard to do, just be right here, right now. I think we've trained ourselves with all the different social media things and email and this and that and the other and always wondering what's next? what's next? because that's part of our job too. For mine at least. I'm checked out always. I'm trying to real it back in.

What I think about when I'm setting my intentions is to try to be focused on what I'm putting out there into this world. And what I would love to leave behind is truly that I love super deep and I'm a really deep feeler and that's what most people get from me or my friends, is I'm funny, yes, but I love you. Once you're in my life, you're in my life for good. I'm loyal to a fault."


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