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Welcome to Food + Nutrition Month!

The month of October on The S-Life Mag is about celebrating all the ways in which high-vibe food + nutrition nourish, balance, and fuel us on a daily basis! This is the season when the apples and the leaves begin to fall off of the trees, and the all too familiar chill of a fall wind has us reaching for nothing but warming, comfort foods. Our appetites are increasing by the hour, and our need for some serious nourishment is at an all time high. Do not resist this. Give thanks for it!

Your body is freaking intelligent. It possesses an inherent intelligence that the incessant chatter of your mind can’t even begin to touch. Each little cell, vitamin, and mineral that makes up who you are has it’s own way of asking for what it needs… and ask for what it needs it shall.

Come join us in a surrender to the cornucopia array of abundance that Mother Nature provides. All month long, we'll be studying, learning, and sharing all the ways in which food and nutrition transform our being. And if there's anything you're hungry to hear about, don't be shy.

So grateful to have you on this journey with us!

We promise to make it one hell of a sexy ride.

With Love,

Whitney + Danielle

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