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Tarot Tuesday: Food + Nutrition

Tarot Tuesday is Sakara’s monthly series where we take a glimpse into what is happening throughout the universe in order to help you connect with the higher Self. 

This card represents Food + Nutrition: a pillar that begins and ends with the beautiful bounty (good food, creative cooking, loving thoughts) that you put in your temple. We’re diving deep into the science behind how and why a plant-based, superfood-packed diet will change the composition of your body and clear your mind. It’s beneficial to become more aware of the foods (and thoughts surrounding foods) that we’re feeding our mind, body + soul.

Repeat after me: I transmute healing with my culinary skills and thoughts surrounding nourishment.

You are a food alchemist. You crate divine magic through the meals that you prepare. Your nutritional knowledge is as it should be. You’re eager to learn more each new day, and you share what you know to ignite and inspire a more wholesome way of living for others. Your energy and your moods are stable, your curiosity and creativity are at an all time high as a result of paying conscious attention to what and when you’re eating / drinking. Your physical, mental and spiritual health are all a result of what goes inside. Your aura is bright and warm. You have found more healthful alternatives to childhood comfort foods that don’t provide any panic value. You love your body, and you love your mind. You build strength and cultivate awareness in them with each new and nutritious meal. This is a journey, and your loved ones are tagging along.”


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