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Is Your Weight Gain Ancestral? Here's How to LET IT GO

How many times have you said "I have my Mother's belly and my Dad's hips, and I can't do anything about it?!” How many times have you looked at your body and sent negative thoughts to your ass, thighs, or belly, cursing your lineage for bestowing such unpleasant parts your way?

Yeah, I hear you, and you’re not alone.. We’ve all done this at some point. The statistics of people hating on their bodies on a daily basis is heart wrenching. So much so, that I am here to share with you another way of looking at weight gain, to help you empower yourself to create the body that is truly aligned with you… The real you.

With all the fad diets out there and countless ways the weight loss industry is cashing in, how often has the term ancestral weight gain popped up in your google search? Probably not often. During this new time, a new way of thinking may be the missing link to your wellness plan.

So, what is this ancestral weight gain anyway?

In simplest terms, it’s the carrying of energetic patterns from our ancestors that manifest on the body.

Now, I know that may sound bananas, but bear with me. I am no doctor or scientist, but a woman who passionately studies these things. I listen to people talk about their bodies, families, and relationships. I take these things and study how patterns of emotions are wrapped around their subjects and begin to show up in and on the body as physical form.

If the scientific definition of energy is that which creates change, then how could we possibly escape the results of energy transference that may have been passed down generation after generation? If we believe in energy, we must believe in this.

I recently came across an article that shares some insights on how your DNA can be shifted by using mind power. Fascinating fact: The DNA you were born with is not the sole determinant for your future health and well-being!


Though mind power may not immediately change your skin color or your height, it can certainly change a heck of a lot more than you can see. In fact, scientists went as far as to test out positive heart-intention and it’s ability to change the structure of human DNA. It took nearly two decades of study, but the proof is there. In this particular study, an individual holding three DNA samples was directed to generate this kind of heart-intention (what we call a peaceful state of mind). The individual's DNA was then tested, showing that they had succeeded in unwinding two strands of DNA, leaving the third unchanged, all through positive intention. Amazing!

So what can we do with this? We can feed ourselves with quantum nutrients. Meaning positive, loving thoughts and appreciation for ourselves.

So, when we look at our body and say "I want to lose weight" we sometimes forget to ask the very important question of why? Why is my body creating this shape? Why am I carrying this weight? What is this weight symbolizing? What is my body trying to tell me? 

Once we start to the ask the why and the how questions, we can begin to look deeper than the physical form.

How we eat, when we eat, how often we move our body, the way we move our body, our posture are all patterns that are mostly driven by emotions. Those emotions create habits. Those habits create the actions that create our shape. Now, we all know those habits don’t just come floating down from the heavens! We learn them. We observe them. And chances are, they go further back then just your mom and dad.

And get ready for this: Native Americans believe that those energetic patterns go back as far as 7 generations before us! And what’s more, the patterns we are creating in this life time will carry forth seven generations after us.

Finding this out, we need to make the shift on our own. We have to take a vow to fully express ourselves from here on out. We have to speak, to dance, to scream, to sweat. To uproot, and pray, and move our emotions to the best our abilities.

The more you move your emotions the freer and lighter your body becomes. 

  • Take the oath not to hold onto any emotions for more than 24 hours.

  • Dance! Speak, scream sweat, uproot, pray and move your motions out to the best of your ability

  • Love your body! Talk to it!  Ask it what it needs! It will guide you. Move it a lot, and blast yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Observe your eating, moving and thinking patterns. Compare them to your ancestors. Ask your parents and family members to tell you their personal stories around the challenges you are experiencing. Learn from them. Make a conscious choice of what you are willing to carry forth and what you are willing to let go of. Once you see it, act on it.

It may not happen over night, but it will happen. And when your body begins to change, share your experiences. Awaken others to their inherent power within as we collectively create healthy bodies for the many generations to come.


Some intimate words to meditate on by transformational pioneer Dr. Judith Rich:

"Perhaps you come from a lineage of addiction, from people who found solace and comfort from what seemed unbearable through alcohol or other substances. You might come from a lineage of anger or violence, from people who kept score and settled them in ways that were destructive to themselves and others. Maybe your people tried hard to assimilate and fit in, but never quite succeeded, always the “outsider.” Maybe you still feel that “outsider-ness” in your own life today. Your people might have been survivors, having lived through war or other atrocities. Many fought the battles, inner and outer, with those conflicts having been passed on to you.”

"You can take this as a burden and decline to answer the call. This is how the wound keeps reproducing itself. Or you can see this as a gift and an honor, an opportunity to contribute to those you’ll never see or know, those who may never know your name. And you can choose to do the work of healing yourself and them.”

"This is the gift you bring them, for as they depart, they left behind the residue of their unfinished business, passed down through the ages, held in place by the unspoken family agreement to perpetuate it — that is, up until now. And now it’s your turn. Bringing completion to prior generations and setting up what happens for future generations now depends on you."

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