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Moon Watch: New Moon in Libra

Begin again, Sakralite! Tonight’s New Moon in Libra is focused on your deepest (ahem darkest) relationships, bringing them to light, and asking you to deal (even though you’ve really tried not to). New Moons herald new beginnings, as their name suggests, and we are at the time of Autumn Harvest, meaning we can use the cosmic power of this night to set some pretty powerful intentions for the coming year. We will begin to see the fruits of our labor asap. The Law of Attraction is yours for the manifesting tonight. Finding a balance in our relationships is being put to the test. We are certainly feeling power hungry struggles, and dealing with heavy emotional confrontations. Wherever imbalances have been wreaking havoc on our inner and outer lives, we are now being forced to take full responsibility for them, and heal. Stay centered. Stay grounded. Love yourself dearly.


Traits Amplified: Self care, communication, balance, connection, reflection, creation


Questions Asked: What are you broadcasting? Why am I attracted to the people I am attracted to? What qualities do I see in them that I also see in myself? What helps me to stay balanced? What is the deeper meaning behind my actions and intentions? What walls have I put up in my relationships, and how can I break them down? How may I create space for true love to enter?


What to Go For: Love, love love. Venus has come back to us, meaning the season of love has begun (it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to feel this one!) The doors are now wide open, and you are being ushered into a new phase of a love life. This means something different for you than it does for the girl next door. Though, keep in mind, the space you are creating for love begins within yourself. You cannot just seek externally. Your relationship with your precious self is the one that matters most. Sit down, and write out a few things that you appreciate about yourself, then mirror that and write about some of those similar qualities that you appreciate in others (be specific). It’s time to really do the work here, and focus on what we love about people rather than what we get annoyed by. When we’re complaining about those things, we’re only getting more of those things. The energy you put out is the energy you get back.


What to Watch Out For: Do not give others the opportunity to create your happiness. Only y-o-u get to decide that. And remember: Do Not take things personally. The scales of your closest relationships (love, work, bestie, parents, siblings) are going back and forth and up and down. Keep your self-center rooted by doing something tonight that supports the evolution of your consciousness, so that you may bring that beauty into the rest of the world and share it where needed. Don't skimp on that self-care routine either. Take that essential oil bath, read that old book, have that class of good red wine (alone) Make the time, and a be the light that you are. The world needs you; don't deny yourself of your power. You deserve it all.

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