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Celebrate Today, Revolt Tomorrow

Sakaralites are transformation junkies.

We are constantly working to improve ourselves, to gain a greater enlightenment, to experience more and different things, to expand the corners of our being so that we are constantly discovering how to embody a self that is the best that it can be. Undergoing these transformations are what make us feel the most alive– when we are empowered, vibrant, and filled with love to share with others. And while these changes tend to be internal and personal, they are with the intention of giving back, of creating a parent, employee, friend, lover, and citizen of the world that is more balanced, authentic, supportive, and loving. The new season provides us with great energy to inspire the transformation junky in all of us. A new season, a blank slate, a space to start from scratch and manifest the things that will inspire our spirits and allow us to really and truly take flight. Having the curiosity and the empowerment to create change in your life is a beautiful quality and we are so blessed to be surrounded by a community that embodies such powerful intentions. But before your resolutions – or revolutions as we like to call them! – for fall 2015 are signed, sealed, and delivered, we ask you to take some time to stop and celebrate the you that is now. We ask you to stay present in today, and in the you that has gone through countless trials, tribulations, and transformations to get to where and who you are today.

There is so much to celebrate in you, so before your mind is clogged with commitments to be better, faster, and stronger, we ask you to honor what you have and who you are right this moment.

Think about your accomplishments, your one of a kind qualities, and your rockstar talents. Reflect on the places you have explored,  on the things you have helped create, and on the difficult decisions you have had to make and how you persevered. Can you believe how much you have learned? How many people you have had an impact on? We're going to take a gander, and say quite a lot. Write them down. Say them out loud. Tear up a little at the beautiful self that has taken form in your body against all odds. That works hard, plays hard, gives wholeheartedly, loves fully, forgives endlessly, questions, supports, creates, succeeds, fails, and gets right back up again for another go.

Celebrate the you that is today. 

Save the revolution for tomorrow.


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