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Glossary: GHEE

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Ghee (Guh-eeeee), noun 

Origin: India 

Sanskrit: गोघृत (usli ghee) 

“This is the secret name of Butter:

‘Tongue of the gods,’ ’navel of immortality.’

We will proclaim the name of Butter;

We will sustain it in this sacrifice by bowing low.

These waves of Butter flow like gazelles before the hunter...

Streams of Butter caress the burning wood.

Agni, the fire, loves them and is satisfied.” - Hymn of the Rg Veda (circa 1500 BC)


Seeking integration of more high-vibe + alive foods in your life? Head on down to the butter isle, my friends. There, ye shall find ghee

Ghee’s importance is expressed by many references in the ancient Vedas (the oldest written scriptures known to human kind) to its use in the yogic diet, cleansing practices, and rituals. In yogic philosophy, food is equal to God, because it’s recognized as the great entity of life, with it’s responsibility for the growth of the body and all (cheers to growing up). Ghee is considered to be the most sattvic (meaning pure and balancing) food on earth as it purifies the mind, awakens knowledge and aids in development of rockstar intuition. You didn’t think your food could go beyond weight management and glow-giving did you? Well, it just did. Get to know ghee, and thank us later.

It’s no secret that we aren’t exactly reaching for the bread + butter type of girls. But when it comes to GHEE, oh baby… bring it on, all day. Ghee is a type of butter, though it isn’t really butter, so don't get anxious. It’s a lactose-free (!), holy, sacred, healing, alimentative, heart opening, tissue regenerating, neural pathway connecting and stable-weight controlling type of glimmering golden spread that can be used anywhere, by any one, for any thing. We put it in our coffee, teas, mix it through rice, spread it on sprouted grain toast or eat it by the spoonful. Leave no possibility untested!


It’s also no secret that we’re suckers for anything magical, mystical, and poetic. We don’t shy away from multi-purposeful goods, all of which ghee provides. We can’t recount the history of ghee without touching on its holy significance in Hindu culture, because in Hindu, the cow is considered the most sacred creature on earth. The meat of cows is strictly forbidden to be eaten, but the “essense of the sacred cow” is ingested via the one and only. The ingestion of ghee is a holy ritual in itself, and can teach us a lot on the concept of conscious consumption and metaphysical medicine. It’s in the holy ritual of making and consuming ghee that makes it so special, so healing.

Ghee is made by boiling organic said-Holy-Cow (or grass fed cow) butter down to it’s liquid form, where all lactose of the liquid eventually bubbles up to the surface and is scraped off and thrown out, leaving a a liquid golden juice to be jar-poured and kept unrefrigerated to harden (yes, you can make your own ghee, it’s that simple). Ghee is typically made during full moons to symbolize Mother Nature’s abundance and energetic qualities at her fullest, most intense time of the month. All the while, whispering mantras and manifesting intentions for health, creation and love.

Ghee is not only healing for the body, but insanely nourishing for the soul. In India, it is considered the most spiritually transformative food on this planet, as it has the ability to take us into other realms and dimensions of existence. Sounds woo-woo witchy, right? Well, this witchy claim is scientifically valid, as the way ghee interacts with every tissue + every cell in your body contributes to the transformation of your pre-molecular vibrations (i.e. protons, neutrons, electrons, and that remarkable Higgs Boson aka God Particle). This food truly raises your vibration on account of it’s own high vibration; cushioning, slipping and sliding through every fiber of your being  the seen and the unseen. The food you eat affects the health of organs in your body, the health of organs in your body affect how you feel, and how you feel affects your ability to see and feel your God in all pillars of life. 


On a more physical note, ghee has just as many nutritional benefits as it does soul-expansive benefits, which is quite the important note, because there are one or two or many substances floating around these days that claim to activate soul-expansive experiences, yet are physically deterring (aka any drug, ever). Ghee protects our nervous system by coating us with the kind of GOOD fats that are used for energy and maintenance rather than storage. It’s much like an adaptogenic herb in that it prepares your body for heightened activity, so that when that activity arrives, you are able to handle the stress without breaking down. Ghee is such a perfect fat, that it’s safe, and even recommended, for diabetics and sufferers of heart disease. Rich in butyrate, ghee eases digestion and reduces inflammation in all corners of the body. One tablespoon contains 15% of your daily essential intake of vitamin A, and it’s potency of CLA is a warrior cancer fighter. CLA is also famous for insulin resistance (told you it was diabetic friendly!). It’s packed with vitamin E (silky smooth internal nourishment for the skin) and vitamin K2 (to strengthen the heart and keep your blood flowing free).

Because of the little moisture content in ghee, it can be left at room temp for up to a year. Make sure to keep in an airtight container, though! Don’t let those flies steal your precious nectar of life.

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