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Moon Watch: Full (Super) Moon in Taurus

Who’s ready for a new relationship?! We all are, and have been for quite some time. Getting real with raw wounds from past hurt and any future ruminative obsessions may serve some comfort under the illumination of tonight’s Full (Supermoon!) in Taurus. This is our third Supermoon in a row, meaning, we have to feel what we want to heal tonight; there is no escaping the Truth of what lies within and is insisting on marching out. You have the power to make transformative choices today that will better your tomorrow like you never knew could be real (at least, not in this lifetime). There is boundless freedom when we get ourselves in alignment with our Truth (meaning, that with makes us feel united, purposeful, and everlasting). Tonight’s full moon acts like a squeaky clean mirror - forcing us to come face to face with our own imperfections. Look at the type - and quantity - of energy you’re giving to them. Embrace what it is you don’t like about these things, and then let them go by setting yourself apart as the observer of those thoughts, not the being that creates them. That being you are not - you are that which comes before. Purifying yourself begins within.


Traits Amplified: Kindness, integrity, strength, respect, honesty, self-confidence, femininity


Questions Asked: Do I like what I’m attracting? Do I like the emotions that I’m experiencing? What behaviors are serving me, and which are not? What is the very minimum of things that I need? Is there anything I need to get rid of / declutter / clean out (emotionally or physically)? What specific relationships are no longer serving me + what can I do to catalyst change in them? What helps me find my center?


What to Go For: Invest in a high-powered emotional bulldozer. Practice responding energetically - rather than tangibly - to your own emotions. Don’t self-talk a bunch of hate because you’re breaking out, or go for a day of cookie-restriction because you ate too much celebratory cake last weekend. Rather, transform that self hate into the very opposite of how it came to you: tell yourself how damn beautiful you really are, and eat that cookie tonight after dinner as you take a lavender bubble bath because it just makes you feel good. Ditto that of other people’s emotions - especially those that keep dumping their probs onto you. Respond in loving silence, by giving them the energies of strength, courage, and the will to figure things out within themselves first. Be the one to change the dynamics by forgiving what you two have been through, and moving forward in love. The love is always there, but it’s our minds that create the drama. You don’t want (and let’s get real, you really don’t need) any of that drama anymore. Save it for your mama, and find your center instead. The power you feel from tapping into such Truth tonight is setting you up for healing of hurtful relationship patterns that you find yourself coming back to again, and again (and again).  Take this night to choose to respond differently. All beings will be better for it.


What to Watch Out For: A needy partner, a jealous girl, a rude co-worker or a manipulative ex-lover. The way that you see your relationship may not be what it actually is. Be careful not to keep labeling your relationship as good or bad, loving or hateful, but rather feel the relationship and make the decision to walk away from it, or do the work to change it. You’ll have the tendency to ignore all the buried aches that come up tonight… Let them come up. Don’t bottle it all in; cry it out, dance it away, whatever you need to do. Just don’t hold it all in, because that is when illness begins to manifest. Tonight is about bringing hidden things into light. These long-hidden emotional aspects to your being very well may be showing up as what you consider to be the physical imperfections on the surface. Make any necessary self-adjustments tonight, and be sure not to judge yourself for it. You deserve to give love, you deserve to get love, you deserve to know love + you deserve to make love. YOU ARE LOVE, Sakaralite, and that is all ye need.

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