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The month of November on The S-Life Mag is about celebrating all the ways in which Creation, Discovery + Inspiration nourish, balance, and fuel us on a daily basis! This month, we’re going to plunge deep into all the ways in which we can - together - create the life we want to live.

Creation is Godliness. We are all uniquely blessed with the ability to turn our #ThoughtsToThings. And that, Sakaralites, is what God does.

Discovery is the ability to turn on your brain (to become motivated, if you will) to learn something new. It is so important to feed the creativity inside of you by taking yourself on new adventures, discovering corners of your own backyard that you haven't ever before anticipated venturing through. Take extra time this month to dive into the discoveries previously left untouched in your own life.

Inspiration is something personal. It comes to you, specifically for you, from a higher power. Use it to your ability. Do something every day that quietly excites you. Allow whatever that may be to inspire you to create something new. Take a moment to look around at the people in your household, office, coffee shop… wherever. Get inspired by each and every one of them. Lift each other up with your individual talents.

We’re all in this together.

How do you inspire others?

How do you inspire yourself?

So grateful to have you on this journey with us! We promise to make it one hell of a sexy ride.

With Love,

Whitney + Danielle

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