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How To Strengthen Your Ability to Read Energy

The Universe works off of energy: your ability to (or not to) get out of bed in the morning requires energy, using your cell phone requires energy, getting to the gym requires energy, having that difficult conversation requires energy, being in a loving relationship requires… yeah, you guessed it… energy. (At this stage) in our evolutionary process, humans can’t read minds. Maybe Lucy could, but unfortunately  or fortunately for us  the tools to reach that kind of super-human state aren’t available, much less even realistic. But what we as normal working loving living breathing humans beings can do is read energy. Energy will tell you everything. Learning to read it, feel it, listen to it + respond to it will change your entire existence, and it’s as simple as cultivating a daily practice in these few ways:



Silence is truly golden when we allow ourselves to fall in love with it, and use it to our advantage. In the silence between the noise of your hectic life is where all energy is bornSilent stillness in your days is like sleeping  though clearly not as good, because what’s better than sleeping, am I right? But silent stillness —  like on the Subway or in the car  is a quick + easy tool to get you back in touch with your own positive energy, and in the other direction of the negative energy from that meeting or argument with the bf, and into a place where all good vibes are created and held onto (just don’t forget to grip tight). Also, try Headspace "silent courage" is inspired.



School sucks, but learning, my friends… learning is GOOD. As we grow up, it can actually become  dare I say  fun to research and learn about all the things we’re interested in, and then begin to apply them to our lives. If energy of any sort is something that you’re interested in diving deeper into, there’s no better place to start than with science. And I mean real confusing, real mind blowing, really freakin perplexing science. Don’t be afraid of going above and beyond by reading a book (this is a goodie) or an online research paper that you maybe understand 5 words of. Doing this will actually help in shifting perspective from your own mind and own calculations on how the world works. Some humans are seriously, seriously smart. Begin with watching the re-make of Carl Sagan’s 1980 series Cosmos now hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson (it’s on Netflix, no excuses). To be real, this show is mind blowing, yet humbling, comforting, and makes perfect sense... even to a seven year old. Science is a must in understanding the energy of the Universe  and thus that between humans  and how it works. Though, it’s up to you to decide why.



Listen to Drake if that’s what you’re into, or Tchaikovsky if that’s what you’d rather too. Move with the energy of the music to get a better sense of what it would be like to move with the energy of a conversation with your cutie crush, or a difficult family member. It should be that same kind of in-the-moment-flow that you get from your favorite tunes.



In your food, on your body, in your home… experiment with smells that you’re attracted to, and recognize what kind of energy they give or take away from you. Douse yourself in essential oils, and notice how the difference in your personal scent affects the way that others interact with you, or the way that you interact with yourself. Working with the energy of high-vibe scents (make sure you’re getting the purest, organic form) can change the rhythm of your breath, the movement of your actions, the sound of your voice. This is what energy is all about, and this is how we work with it’s change.



You are not just your thoughts + feelings or body, but you are that which comes before. And what does that mean / look like? Energy. Pure, bright, endlessly vibrant, pulsating energy.

All of this being said, once you learn to move with the feels of various high-energy elements in life, and educate yourself on what that means to you, individually, then reading the energy of others, the navigation of even the most difficult circumstances will (quickly) become a natural part of your moment to moments + day to days.

There is more to life than just cloth and skin.

Now go watch Cosmos, and let us know how it goes. Sending good vibes from Sakara HQ *~*~*

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