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Moon Watch: New Moon in Scorpio

It’s 11/11 babes, make a wish! Tonight’s New Moon in Scorpio is a Truth portal into the Self. The summer is officially over, and it’s time to get real with yourself about what you need, what you want (we could call this: wildest hopes + dreams) and how it is exactly that you're going to go about to getting that. What’s your favorite manifestation ritual? Do you meditate? Write? Call a friend? Say a little prayer? Smudge a little sage? Whatever it is… just do it. Because sitting down with ourselves and getting specific about the things that give us energy, vitality, and a taste of eternal grace are the things that we’re being called to dive the deepest into. Do you feel stuck - meaning, does your energy feel stagnant, like it’s murdering your motivation? Scorpio rules death and rebirth; the death of your ego, and the rebirth of your intuition. Get creative, get unstuck, make some love, eat some plants… Surrender to the old, and throw all that buzzing energy in the the new.


Traits Amplified: Completion, release, rebirth, change, intuition, power, trust, transformation


Questions Asked: What is keeping me from manifesting my dreams? What specific thoughts do I want to turn into things? What is my wildest, wildest, wildest hope + dream? What elements do I want in a loving relationship? What changes need to be made in my life? What doors do I want to open?


What to Go For: Meditation + Intuition = A Raise in Vibration. If there was ever time to begin that daily meditation practice, tonight would be the night. We cannot keep looking to external pleasures to fulfill our dreams (i.e. clothes and jewels and fancier things) - we have to look within the confines of our closest relationships (i.e. that with ourselves, that with our lovers, that with our families and friends) in order to understand what it is the soul is asking for. Observe your actions, and be sure that they’re not coming from a place self deprecation. Rather, when we learn to use meditation to strengthen intuition, we can be more confident that the actions we take will be aligned with our Highest Purpose. And when we’re living our Highest Purpose, there is no such thing as a low vibration. You’ll be High-Vibbin’ all over the city, Sakaralite. Knock ‘em out.


What to Watch Out For: Getting distracted by your own energy. You are quite the powerful being, and so much so, that sometimes you’re afraid of your own superpowers. But learn to use them - don't abuse them. Put your energy towards creative processes that fill you up, rather than carrying on in stretching yourself thin in a bunch of half-hearted projects. Also, while you’re at it, stop seeking so much freakin approval from the world. What do they know about you anyways?! Only you know the True you, and all of your intentions behind things. Trust yourself, and stop putting so much trust in others to make you happy. And speaking of happiness… You deserve it more than anyone. Recognize that.

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    “Moon Watch: New Moon in Scorpio”
  • Laure says:

    Thank you so much for this, I really needed this! It goes perfectly with how I feel right this moment. Now, I am inspired to do what I need to do, to make things happen for myself and stop seeking the approval from everybody.

    Sending lots of love!

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