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Will Coffee Help You Live Longer?

Longevity: meaning longer than average; the duration of a long life through the practice of healthy behaviors and attitudes; goals.

Avoiding coffee this am? Opting for cups on cups of lemon water instead? Think again, guys…science just said that if you give in, you’re bound to live longer. Can I get an Amen?

Your resistance to indulging in the java is valid; coffee is often associated with addiction and anxiety, and therefore the demise of a long, healthy life. This comes about from religions, cultures, and dietary strict programs that put coffee in dangerous categories alongside alcohol, tobacco, and stimulation drugs. However, a recent study published in the journal Circulation says that such association is, arguably, wrong. They found that regular, as well as decaf coffee is linked to longer survival, proving that it isn’t just the caffeine content doing all the work…cue antioxidants, of which are the breadwinners in why coffee has been linked to a cure for Type II Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

And Circulation isn’t the only guy who’s mapped out a scientific method to the madness. Take it from recent years of cumulative science itself:

  • “Higher consumption of total coffee…was associated with lower risk of total mortality.”

  • “Rich in polyphenols, coffee contains over 1,000 different natural compounds that favorably interact within cells. Coffee has the proven ability to turn on genes that promote youthful cellular functions.”

  • “Other research has suggested that compounds in coffee can reduce inflammation, act as antioxidants and improve blood sugar regulation, among other things.”

Of course, the potential health benefits of these antioxidants depends on how they are absorbed and utilized in the body. Such as, if you have some serious stomach sensitivities, you may be absorbing these nutrients in a not so efficient ways. But I digress. Coffee consumption has also been linked to a cure for depression, as it’s chemical compounds stimulate the brain and nerves with positivity hormones, injecting all kinds of good vibes into a sad system. And taking it one step further, coffee has been linked to prevention of skin cancer cell production. Therefore with holistic observance, this whole coffee is chock full of antioxidants thing makes just that much more sense.

Nevertheless, get this: Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than from any other dietary source on earth. Though tidbits of science say that this may be healthy and all, I can’t help but wonder…what happened to everything in moderation? What happened to that purportedly perfect food pyramid of ours? If we’re getting all of our antioxidants from a stimulating beverage, then what is that saying about the state of our collective body intelligence, and not to mention the state of our adrenal systems? In the race for an antioxidant punch, coffee falls short compared to glorious berries, dark cacao, dates, and even dark leafy greens -- all of which act in tandem to heal our various sensitive systems and aid in an optimally balanced lifestyle.

Get this, too: coffee is one of the most chemically treated, sprayed, pesticide infused mass-marketed products on earth. And going up against pesticide infected fruits and veggies on the market, your deli cup of coffee is doing way, way more harm than good. We must be cognizant of where our coffee is coming from if we’re going to deem it so life-regeneratingly beneficial.

That being said, be sure you’re sourcing and ordering coffee from an organic, fair trade (bonus points if it's biodynamic too!) origin. You’d be surprised at how many coffee shops and local markets stock the good stuff at an even better price (also...Amazon). It’s not so hard to come by, we just have to be willing to search + find. Just as you pick and choose your berries wisely, pick and choose your java wisely. And just as you don’t eat 4 packs of berries a day (that is, unless you’re a tropical fruitarian), don’t drink four cups of coffee a day. It’s that sensibly simple.

Science continues to be right -- proving our mere assumptions wrong -- as physics and mathematics are the language of God, if you will. We should trust it, listen to it, practice what it preaches. Because in the physical realm, science provides us with undeniable answers to the realest things we know…the things that taste just so damn good. Especially first thing in the morning.

So go on with your healthy self, order good cup of coffee today! We’ll see you on your hundredth bday.

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