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How To Survive the Holiday Party: Our Tips & Tricks

At Sakara, our baseline is clean. We nourish our bodies with a vast array of vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, antioxidants and amino acids every single day. And yes, even during the holidays. It’s what we believe in, it’s what we practice consistently, and it’s what we always come back to. It’s what provides us with energy, focus and stamina. It aids our body in burning calories and fat, and gives us that Sakara Life glow.

But we also believe in getting dirty every once in a while. Whether it’s for the holidays, a loved one’s birthday celebration, or because it just tastes and feels good! That being said, read on for a few great practices to help ensure that you go home with your pants fully buttoned at the end of the evening – we don’t mind loosening that top button every once in a while. 


    • Take deep breaths (and a pause). Not only before you walk into a room, but before you hit the table full of holiday goodies. Training the body to remember how to breathe deep is the best way to stay grounded, and anxiety-free during intense situations.


    • Don’t just follow the rules like “fill up on veggies before” or “stay away from the dessert table” or “only one glass of wine!” Once you put those restrictions on yourself, it’s a sure fire way you’re going to break them.


    • Stock up on vitamin C rich foods, and indulge in their abundance! Oranges, grapefruits and lemon on everything. Even a lypo-spheric pack in your tea will do wonders.


    • ACV SHOTS ALL AROUND. Take your shot of apple cider vinegar before going out. It’ll get that tummy all warm and bubbly, making you less likely to be the one finishing off the bottle of Veuve. 


    • Is there a better sweet-tooth satisfying quick snack than probiotic chocolate (or our in-demand CBD chocolates?!) Not so much. Indulging in your cravings, while feeding your microbiome? Score.


    • Convince your crew to go out dancing with you to sweat it all out. No doubt, you’ll wake up feeling better than the ones who decide not to join.


    • Think positively about your body. Love yourself. Love your assets. Thank your body and trust your body for being the strong, vibrant vessel that it is. Biology proves that positive thinking (good vibes, if you will) actually regulate the metabolism and aid in healthy weight loss and digestion. Double score.


    • Bless your food. Before you dig into that bread and cheese plate or extra piece of cake chocolate cake, bless it. Pour all kinds of good love and nourishment into the meal, and then, get it on. Have your cake and eat it too.


We don’t create rules because we know that rules are meant to be broken. And when these rules come to food, we are setting ourselves up for an anxiety-filled night comprising of obsessions, guilt, and regret. When you’re eating clean the majority of the time, your body can handle getting dirty every now and then, and your mind is able to escape this trap of self-hate.


At your next holiday party, we ask you to remember our #1 rule! Take a deep breath. Relax. You have nothing to worry about, no strategy to obsess over, and no rules to follow. Enjoy yourself, your conversations, the loving energy surrounding you, and whatever treats you have your eyes on.


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