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The S-Life Holiday GIFT GUIDE: Health + Wellness

Gift Guide season has arrived! And at S Life, this means three weeks of holiday gift ideas to nourish the most essential aspects of you and your loved ones lives. This week, we're gifting any and everything Wellness related - quite obviously, it's no secret that we geek out over fun, new Wellness souvenirs. So voila Sakaralites...get your gifting on.



1. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush

I'm getting my man this Sonicare Toothbrush and also one for myself too! (Merry Christmas to me :p). I'm really into tooth health and hygiene and this particular electric toothbrush gets rid of up to 10x more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. Last year, I gave everyone Periowash - an all-natural mouthwash that keeps your mouth fresh and clean without killing all the good bacteria.

2. Ballet Beautiful/SLT Class Pack

I am really into 1-on-1 personal training sessions, so I'd love a pack of classes to Ballet Beautiful or SLT (or maybe both)! They give you long, lean muscles, creating a body that's both sexy and strong. And who doesn't love that?!



3. Vitamin Drip at The Ash Center

The vitamin drip is a great excuse to sit back and relax, plus you get a huge boost of energy. Sometimes it's impossible to live the perfect day/week and it's nice to know you can rely on some outside sources for a little pick-me-up :).

I tend to wear a ton of black as my go-to staple so Mara's activewear always reminds me that life should be fun! This colorful two piece is on my wish list for the holidays. Plus, her tops are cropped, so putting myself (and my tummy) out there can be a little daring, but it's always good to do things that scare you a little.

Ally is my favorite yoga teacher in the world. Her classes instantly change my frequency for the better. It's exactly what I imagine yoga should be, a melding of mind and body. A true gift.



6. Four Sigma Foods Mind Herbs

The first thing that caught my eye besides of course the cute packaging were the words Mind Herbs. Two words I am very fond of. A few key notes about these Mind Herbs: "calm inducing, balance restoring and stress reducing" also while being "designed specifically to improve memory and learning ability". Oh, and they say it's like "Yoga in a cup". All boxes checked. Opening up a perfectly little wrapped package containing these would be ideal and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

7. Treadmill Desk

I'm not even sure I can contain my excitement about this one, this thing was made for me. Anyone that knows me knows that I love my job but I also love working out and lately the late office nights have been cutting down on my gym time. Well friends, seems as though you can have your cake and eat it too, you can work while you work out. The health benefits of this fancy little gadget? Trekking over 10,000 steps a day which research has shown to give you a boost in energy, memory, metabolism and all around well-being.

8. Berkey Water Filter

I'm a sucker for new, shiny things and this water filter and purifier just happens to be both. This would look so pretty sitting on my counter.



9. Sakara Gift Card ;)

The last thing I want to be thinking about after the holidays is more cooking...there is nothing more I could want from a loved one than daily bags full of my most favorite, nutrient-dense food. It makes getting back into the flow of work and play just that much easier. Plus, all the new Clean Boutique products rock my 'it's-time-to-detox' world.

10. Living Libations Salt Infuser with Immune Illume Oil

Because my lungs and respiratory system are often the last (if ever) body parts to gain my attention, the Living Libations Salt Pipe + Immune Illume Oil seem like the most gentle and relaxing way to clean out a pair of hard-working lungs. The fact that this guy helps to train the body how to breathe steadily, while strengthening the immune system, has me thinking that it's just about all I'll need to relax on cold winter nights. Stressed? Smoke the salt.

11. blueAir Pink Sense Air Purifier

This baby pink (fyi there are other colors) Swedish-designed purification system has been on my wish list for a few years now - the fact that it quietly cleans the air of my sleep sanctuary makes getting into a deep slumber feel a lot like falling in love. NYC pollution, BE GONE. Also, it's crafted from recycled glass and steel, so it's sustainable and uses less power than a low energy light bulb.



12. Rebounder Trampoline

Rebounding on a trampoline is not only great for your legs, buns, and core, but stimulates your organs, strengthens cellular health, and boosts your detoxing abilities. It would be perfect for my teeny NYC apartment and still allow me to get in my workout when leaving said apartment is just not happening.

13. Empower Bar Collection

I'm a sucker for a detox. And to have one at my fingertips for when I need to hit the reset button - one that still involves chewing and chocolate - is a dream come true.

14. Acupressure Mat

I would spend most of my days lying on this mat - working, napping, reading a book, you name it - anything that works out the kinks and increases endorphins is usually at the top of my list.

15. John of God Rose Quartz Crystal

I've been lusting after this large rose quartz crystal to put right next to my bed for calming energy - plus they're so pretty! Maureen gets her from John of God in Brazil, so that would be the dream :)



16. Santana Cave: Himalayan Salt Therapy

I've been dying to go to the Saltana Cave for ages, so a day trip there would be an amazing gift! Their site promises "an immediate sense of relief both on an emotional and physical level," and I'm not exactly saying no to that. Whether or not those effects are legit, it just looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to rest your mind for a little while.

In lieu of a visit to the actual cave—or to recreate the vibes at home—one of these ionic Himalayan salt crystal lamps would do the trick.



18. Outdoor Voices Collection Kits

I love how simple but modern Outdoor Voices looks! Love that these kits come with a complete package for what you'd need to workout in. Anytime I have new workout clothes it always makes me want to hit the gym more.

19. Plantfolk Apothecary Moon Water

Because who wouldn't want to spray themselves with moon water right before bed? Just the sound of it sounds like a soothing and calming thing to add to a bedtime ritual.

20. Manifestation Fairy Dust

I've never actually used this before, but who wouldn't want a bottle of Fairy Dust?


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