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How To Host A Moon Circle

In honor of the New Moon coming up this Friday, read on to learn what magic moon goddess Desiree Pais has to say about how + why you should host a manifestation Moon Circle that night (and every night you please).

 Hosting a Moon Gathering is a powerful opportunity for women to support one another. Invite a group of friends over to your house, make the space gorgeous, bring yummy snacks for afterwards. When hosting intimate gatherings, I like to have 8-10 girlfriends over so we can all support each other in the process of manifesting prosperity or letting go of patterns.

 On the Full Moon, because the subconscious mind is closer to the surface and everything is heightened (hello, crazytown) we can use this time to let go of the habits and behaviors that we no longer wish to experience.

 On the New Moon, it’s a time of openness, the subconscious is quieter and we have an opportunity to call in what we want to manifest.


Before the gathering :

I always do my research on the theme of the lunar cycle - Mystic Mamma is a great resource for astral insights. Amongst the friends you're inviting, share the information with them by email so they too can read up and start to craft their intentions for the evening. Let guests know to bring something special for the alter in the center of the circle. An alter is absolutely non-religious but a space to place objects that are important and sacred to you, hold a lot of energy, or wish to charge up. It can be anything from a note to yourself, a picture of your Teacher or someone who inspires you, money, jewelry, a flower….get creative! At the gatherings I host, some ladies love to put their whole wallet on the alter to charge up their financial prosperity!


On the Eve of the gathering: 

- Make the space very special + sacred :: I light candles all around the space (carefully!) and set up comfortable pillows or cushions for everyone to sit on.

- Light Sage or Palo Santo to clear the space of any negative juju. (Bye Felicia).

- Have everyone help set up the alter in the center - make it pretty! Pinterest-worthy!

- Once everyone is settled in, take a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe long and deep, feeling everything you’re going through, everything you're experiencing, everything you want to call in, everything you want to let go of. Get into your heart center, feel everything in its entirety. Ask yourself in your Heart of Hearts, What do I need to do for my utter happiness?

- On a piece of paper, take 10 minutes to write what you want to release on the Full Moon, using the phrase “I am ready and willing to release….”. On the New Moon, write your intentions of what you want to manifest, using the PRESENT TENSE. For example, instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” say, “I already lost 5 pounds and I feel healthy, wonderful, and strong!” You can lose 0.3lb and you’ve still manifested “I want to lose weight” so be very, very specific.

- If you feel called, ask everyone to share their intentions with the group. Limit each lady to 2-3 minutes so that you’re not sitting there until the next moon gathering :)

- On the Full Mooncarefully have everyone burn their papers in a safe space, allowing their challenges to be released from the mind. On the New Moon, have everyone take home their paper to place on their alter to charge up for the entire month and see what magic unfolds! I like to read my intention daily to let it pierce into my subconscious mind.

- Once you are finished working with intentions, take a few moments before ending the gathering to go back into the heart center, eyes closed, and sit with the energy of the evening. Ask the angels, ancestors, and guides to help you with whatever you are working towards. I love to play the song This Universe by Singh Kaur for an extra magical quality to the evening. At the gatherings I host, we do powerful Kundalini Yoga meditations to deliver energy to our intentions and quickly clear the subconscious blocks that leave you feeling powerless. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you take a moment to end the gathering in silence and feeling the radiance of your own body and its connection to the vastness of the magic around you, allowing, opening, and demanding healing to unfold.


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