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Vogue x Sakara: How to Eat What You Want—and Stay Healthy—This Holiday Season

This piece was originally posted by our sisters at Vogue.com!

With party season just around the corner, it goes without saying that a sudden spike in holiday cheer may be accompanied by a corresponding surge in caloric intake. Packing your own juice cleanse for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, or the month-long flurry of parties that follows, isn’t exactly practical (or fun). Fortunately Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, founders of the healthy food delivery service Sakara Life (which counts models Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton,and Chrissy Teigen as clients), have an infallible and refreshing strategy for enjoying every festive dinner invitation on your calendar.

“Our number one rule for holiday parties is that there are no rules,” says Tingle. Which is to say that rather than arming yourself with a hard set of dos and don’ts, you will have more success if you switch your focus to enjoying the party. “The stress and guilt is where people get into trouble,” explains DuBoise. “Remember that this will pass—and next week you can hit the reset button with a cleanse.” With that in mind, there are certain guidelines that can help you fearlessly raise your glass and fork in the name of seasonal merriment.


  1. “The buffet is the danger zone,” admits Tingle, pointing out that arriving hungry and filling a plate with a little bit of everything on the table can easily spiral into more food than you bargained for. She suggests dodging the scenario by snacking on something light before the party begins, like a portion of spaghetti squash and kale, to satiate cravings before you start dipping into the hors d’oeuvres and cheese.
  2. If a seated dinner is on the itinerary, DuBoise and Tingle dig into a salad or side vegetable dish as soon as they sit down to distract from the bread basket’s allure. But for ordering an entrée, both women suggest eating what you want. If the mac and cheese with truffle oil is beckoning, for example, order one to share with the table. “You only really ever want a few bites of those things anyway,” says DuBoise, who adds that relegating yourself to the least caloric foods will most likely lead to you nibbling off other people’s plates (or wishing you were). You can still feel good about your choices by steering clear of processed foods. “Go for lamb, fish, or anything that’s going to be fresh, nutritious, and made with whole ingredients,” advises Tingle.
  3. When it comes to champagne or dessert, remember that you’re there to enjoy. Practice moderation by honing in on one thing that you want to splurge on, and sticking with it. Chocolate is always a safe bet, says DuBoise, because it satiates the palate. You can always fit in a workout the next day and load up on vegetables in the days ahead. “There’s no such thing as cheating on your diet,” says Tingle firmly. “Just go and enjoy, eat really well tomorrow, and go to Physique 57. One week of parties is not going to kill you.”

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