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5 Things to Make You SOAR

This month we’ve been thinking about what it means to Take Flight. Our dearest Gabby put it this way: “Once you nourish all the other pillars of your life, you have built a body and mind that allows you to Take Flight. Taking flight really means connecting to your higher self—spirituality, God, the universe, etc. ‘Take flight’ is harmonious balance, it is clarity, it is purpose.” (Yeah, she’s good.)

While taking flight is about looking inward and finding balance and purpose in life, sometimes you need a little help, and that’s ok. So in the spirit of supporting you on your journey down the runway to takeoff, here are five things to help you soar ever higher!

A DIY candle spell kit from Enchantments. NYC-based Sakaralites, I urge you to venture down E. 9th Street and descend the stairs into the witchiest little shop this side of New Orleans. Their DIY candle spell kits include everything you need for a variety of blessings (from inspiring lust to attracting a financial windfall), including hand-carved candles, essential oil, incense and salts. Alternatively, you can ask one of the slightly intimidating wiccans to make you a custom carved candle based on your specific spiritual needs.

A healer. When I was in the throes of adolescent drama, I met the therapist who changed my life through a combination of no-BS tough love and hypnotherapy. Years later, I still think about her wisdom and hope to one day connect with someone similar in my adult life (ideally who accepts my health insurance, but that’s another story). A “healer” can mean different things to different people. Your healer might be a psychiatrist, a reiki practitioner, a yoga teacher or an acupuncturist. Basically, it’s anyone who helps you dive down deep, tap into your innermost self and parse the various things that are holding you back from radical self-actualization.

Something that makes you feel POWERFUL. I swear by a bold red lip. I don’t feel like myself without it. Sometimes I don’t even feel like a person without it. Now, I get that not everyone is a lipstick person or even a makeup person, and of course, you’re beautiful just the way you woke up like this blah blah blah. All I’m saying is, find the thing that makes you feel like the uniquely badass goddess queen you are and rock it unapologetically, especially when you need to stand a little taller, stride a little stronger and shut the damn room DOWN.

A private reading with an astrologer. If you attended our most recent Wellness Wednesday event at Sakara HQ, you experienced the slightly off-the-wall yet deeply insightful presence that was Francis, likely the world’s the most punk rock astrologer. If you go in for things like horoscopes, then a session with a professional to read your chart can shed some cosmic light on your life. If you don’t want to spring for a private session, hit up your local tarot card reader for a quick dose of inward-looking mysticism.

Sakara Manifestation Bars. So here’s the deal on ormus: It’s a mystical, somewhat mysterious blend of minerals suspended in their atomic state. In this form, they’re thought to stimulate the part of the brain that makes you dream. And anything that inspires you to dream big is sure to help you connect deeply with what you really want out of life. And as we know, what you think, you create. So hit up the Clean Boutique to order some, then get to manifesting!

What helps YOU take flight? Tell us in the comments!

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